Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two days later

Yesterday such an anxiety attac hit me, I was about to call and say I do not want the job, I even wanted to leave the bank... don't even ask me why, I have no idea. thankfully we had our knitting meeting, and the girls kept my thoughts off, but when I got home... I was alone as P. took Chris to the lake, and you know when those evil thoughts come...
thankfully I was rather busy today, and around eleven I calmed down enough to call the girl, we sat down after work, and when I left I felt a LOT better. I told her some of my "problems" i.e. time (I mean that time can come when I will be alone with Ch. and then I can't do indefinite overtime, my inexperience at some of the computer programs they use, but it seems we like each other. I also told my boss' offer for rotation and she said she will consider it, even if I do not get that particular job... It is even possible that I will not get it because of the money... because I am so good in my current job, with the sales, that my bonus is very high, and they might not be able to offer me more than I make now... so now I can lay back and ask the universe to give me whatever would be the best.

Of course anxiety means no sleep, and since P. wasn't here I could knit way into the night... I seem to caught startitis... I did a swatch for the mohair beaded shrug, and some repeats of the butterfly lace, from the cotton linen yarn. I love that pattern so much that I want to make the top version too.
Yesterday Kriszta brought some magazines she bought at the Burda shop, and I loved one of them, so after I finished work and the meeting I went to the shop. I almost gave up, the last was pretty well hidden, but I got it, and.......... and they had ROWAN yarn!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Rowan cotton!!! for 520 ft/ball (less than 3 USD)... they only had it in three color, yellow (wich is NOT my color, a nondescript blue, and a peachy/melony orange...which is much more like me.


herr_dr_nuss said...

always take the interview. you never know where it will lead you. you may or may not like it but if you don't go, you won't know. you can compare the jobs but more important, you have options and leverage. don't get anxiety about getting a job. save that for the possibility of losing a job! you're right in being proud of yourself that you're noticed in your company. and remember EVERYTHING is negotiatble. they may say no they may say yes but you will not know if you don't ask! go for it girl!!!

Isis said...

Rowan yarn ! Yay ! I totally understand your excitement ! And startitis... hmm... LOL ! I have been known to suffer from it too... I try to keep it in check but it sometimes creeps up on me !!

Hey... good luck. Whatever happens, I'm sure you will land on your feet.