Friday, May 23, 2008

I am back.. again

it seems I am always going away, but it is pretty rare...Anyway I got back from the three (umm two and half???) day of training called "carrier management"... which is kind of a reward for the results of the previous year... it was really helpful. I got so many positive feedback and reinforcement... If I will get insecure again I will just get those notes out.... what notes??? I do know that it is a well known technique, but still... on the the morning after the first half day, the trainer asked that each of us choose five person who gave something positive the time we spent together, write it down to post its, and then walk around and put them on the persons file (which was left on our chairs)... I stood up thinking "OMG how will it feel not to have any notes"... and at the end I got a LOT of them, I think I was one of those who got the most notes... and they were so nice and lovely... I almost cried then, and I guess from that point they could have done anything to me there, even chop trees on my back as we say here...I do think I even found some "colleagues" (not my direct ones) who might even become friends over time. And I think my name got "caught" on a couple of the right hooks. So there might even have direct results, but if not, I would still think it was great to be there.
There wasn't much time to knit, except on the train to go there. And I made sure I do a couple of rows every night. Coming home I managed to catch a ride with somebody (who was rather happy she don't have to drive alone), and we -again- had a great talk... but I was to shy to take out my knitting in the car. Still I managed to make about three and half repeats on my yoga wrap, which is a lot considering that there is about two hundred stitches in a row...

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