Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My side of the exchange...

The exchange started out as a stole exchange, but those with a foresight knew that many wouldn't be able to finish a big sized stole this close to Christmas... Viki kind of joked, that she wants a Clapotis for so long, how about if he joins the exchange, but knits it for herself... I kind of jokingly replied, if I get her, I will knit a Clapotis for her. From haddyed, handspun yarn..Then loo and behold, when the organizers paired up the participants, I did get her...
I started out with a bunch of fibers, of which I dyed several different shades and combination until I came up with the one I was satisfied with.
Then I halfed the roving lengthvise and spun slightly thicker than my usual lace, as I wanted to get a light fingering thickness.
Knitting a Clapotis not that challenging, its knit, twisted knit, purl, increase, decrease ...
In fact it is rather boring after the first few dropped stitches. Thank god I have a few proffessors at my uni who do not mind if I knit during a lecture or class.So this one has about a 1000 km in it (on the train) some Literary Fantasy, some digital culture and fandom, even a bit of academic writing...
When dyeing/spinning I wanted to achieve a stripy, effect, with long color repeats, much like Noro, except that my yarn is two ply, and somewhat more uniform than Noro. (I have a love and hate relationship with Noro)
The final result was a big sizeable stole.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Neck-thingie exchange

On FB I am a member of several fiber related groups, and even a few of Hungarian groups. Gift exchanges are more or less regurarly organize, but I approach them rather carefully, meaning I rarely participate, if I do is because I want to give something, and do not really care, don't have any expectation what I get. This is how I approached this round.
Turns out I should not have to take that stance. I got my present from my Star (whose real name is Erica, but since she goes with her nickname on Facebook, I keep calling her that in person too).
It took me a god while to actually manage to shot some pictures, end of semester rush, awfully dark, cloudy weather and short days made it difficult. We did try to shot a couple of pics indoor, but they were just useless, and my Present (yes, whith a capital P) deserve to be shown in the best possible light. because it is perfect. Exactly what I wished for. I love the colors, the pattern, everything.
Thank you.
I will show what I made in a separate post.

Friday, December 20, 2013


In the name of stash-burning and giving handmade gifts...
My friend Timea, told me, she lost her I dug a lonely ball of dark grey yarn and a deep red one out of the stash, and printed out the pattern for the Escargot hat...
But what is a hat without a pair of mittens? So time fo the boxes that hide all my sockyarns...
The new owner seems happy with her xmas present for this year. :-)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

weekly spinning

I received two handdyed,  2.6-2.7 oz. handcarded batts.

Which became two 430-450 meter hanks of three (navajo) plied beaded lace yarn...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Garter stitch

I started knitting a Lanesplitter skirt... striped garter stitch. I don't know whatwas I thinking as I desparately dislike garter stitch. I can only take a couple rows of it, for decoration, or to avoid rolled edges, which I dislike even more. 
Then I got so bored of it, I wanted to stab my eyes out with the metal needles, and against boredom I thought quick, lets start something else...something completely different....
A striped garter stitch shawl... Right.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Bride

Now, that we established the fact that I am a selfish knitter (and have no shame about it) here is an other thing I've knitted for someone else.
 Luca (of Barkafonal) asked me late last winter if I have "any handspun natural colored yarn"
"No, but I can spin some. Why?" I answered.
"Because I am getting married, and I would like to knit or crochet something for my wedding dress."
There she was in the middle of a store full of yarn, an she is asking for my yarn. I was moved, and didn't even thought of saying no.
Then we agreed in which fiber, what thickness, and I spun some 7-800 meters of  laceweight alpaca/silk for her.
And some 60 gramms I kept and spun into a fingering weight, because I wanted give her a wedding present.
The "thing" she planned for the wedding was not made at the end (because of the sudden move of the store I think), but the yarnshop girl didn't had to marry without wearing a handknit, because a few days before a big day, I presented her... with a pair of elbow length lacy glove.
And the next I saw it, was on the pictures of the wedding.
Handspun alpaca silk, about 50-60 gramms, beads, and the design is mine. Actually, I halved the yarn I spun, and since the glowes were knit top down, I could knit as long as there was yarn. I had less then a meter left after casting off.
(Pictures curtesy of Luca Zemplényi. Have a happy and long life together!)

Friday, November 15, 2013


In high-school I was the rebel student and she was the rebel teacher, so we took to each other, even though I hardly had any classes with her. What she thaught us however, stuck, so much that over the last couple of years, I did used many things she hammered into our heads about literature. In fact, that she is now teaching in there was one of the deciding factors which university I finally applied for.
Though we hardly met for 25 years, we picked up easily where we left off, and when she mentioned that she would like to have something knitted, something light and lacy with beads, I thought, why not.
Now, if you know me, you would also know that I am a rather selfish knitter. I hardly knit for others, only in very special cases. But she is very special, and a lacy top is not that big of a thing, right? (Do NOT mention lace shawls for her!)
I sent her pictures of dozens of lacy sleeveless tops, then searched the every corner of the net for just the right yarn, then looking for the perfect beads, and set about knitting. And then presented it. And she could not wait to try it on. And it fit perfectly. And the smile on her face made it all worthwhile.
Pattern: Leafy Glen Shell
Yarn: Ice yarns, Silk, . I used about 60-70 gramms (only a little bit more than 2 balls, each ball is 25 gramms, Now this piece is LIGHT).
Beads: Toho 6 (from Igazgyöngy)
I was not prepared to take picture, didn't took a camera with me. But Larisa Kocic shot a couple with her phone)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lacy Shalom

I have a way to deal with disappointment. I make something. Besides knitting in my teens and early twenties I kept sewing new stuff (my cousine kept telling she would like to be heartbroken like me, and ending up with a new shirt, or skirt). My late twenties, I made quilts. Nowadays more than anything I knit.
So when faced with a disappontment, and needed to restore the world's order, I took out something from my stash I wanted to knit for ages. I had the pattern and the yarn for about four years. Every fall I took it out of the box I kept it, only to get distracted and put it bck next spring. Last year I went as far as winding the skeins into balls. Now, I finally knit it.
As much as I love the Shalom cardigan I could not just leave it alone. My gauge was way off, and I wanted a more open neckline, I started with about 220 stitches, and went from there. Added lace panels to the front and the back, and naturally generous waist shaping (I don't even know what the pattern said about that, I didn't read it that far. Probably didn't read it past the yoke.)
Knitted a couple rows of garter stitch to finish off the sleeves. At the end I finished the knitting with this much to spare.
And for the technical details:
Shalom cardigan,
Artesano Aran (50% merino, 50% alpaca), 400 gramms,
3.5 mm addi circular needles. 3.5 mm Brittany DPN set.
(Pictures: Krisztina Tóth)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Official announcment: SHOP is UPDATED

I finally got the pictures and the timeto update the shop.
You can reach handdyed yarn from the right side, or through this link:

Handdyed wool from here:

And I finally put up some handspun yarn as well:

I will totally do International shipping, but shipping costs are subject to checking with the post office.

Go, and dig yourself in, there are a lot f wondeful colors to choose from.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspired by inspira

The inspira cowl was in my favorites for ever so long, despite the fact that I am NOT a fan of cowls or neckwarmers.
 I jut don't see what they are good for, as one I can't stand anything thight around my neck (I don't wear turtlenecks either), as for second I can't imagine pulling a thing like that over my head messing my hair a couple of times a day.
 The pattern, and the finished objects on Ravelry fascinated me, however, so much that I just could not let reason keep me away from knitting it. I dived into my seemingly endless supply of sockyarn, came up with a grey and purple selfstriping USHY (Unidentifable SecondHand Yarn) and just done it.
I checked many finished object, and looked through the pattern, but I admit, I have not read it through carefully, in fact I forgot to take it with me, when I took my knitting to the train and some of my Uni courses, so I just went after my mind.
I rather like the result, however how much wear it will get, if any is remains to be seen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekly spinning: beaded

This braid was in my drawer for years, and I found it in one of my "I don't have anything to spin" fits.. I admit, I love long striped rowings, I love how the turning of the fiber produces ever so slight differences, that is still one color, even if tweedy a bit, but who doesn't like tweedy?
This started out as a merino/silk mix, that had pulplish/greyish/bluish black, some red and some white silk combed toogether. First I spun very, very thin singles...
Then navajo plied the singles and threaded beads in it randomly. Sometimes one in 1.5 meter, sometimes three in one meter.
I used 100 gramms fiber, and about 15 gramms of japanese size 8 TOHO beads.
Ended up 660 meters of beaded lace yarn. What does that make?
As my friend put it: darn lot spinning, darn thin singles...

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I said this before and I just have to repeat myself. In the last few years my life I often feel if I could just give it up, or wishing if I could have been born to a different person.
BUT then, every now and again there are a day, which makes me thankful. Makes me glad to be me. Makes me sitting down at the end of the day and saying thank you for God, for the Universe, or  for whoever, whatever is responsible.
Last years "Day of wool" was like that, and this year's was even more so.
Even the fact that we organized it to this day, unknowing that it coincides with the world wide spin in public day. But could we had a more fitting program?
Preparing for it, dyeing up al those colorful yarns and fiber was already light and color in my days. Having friends come over and help was an other.
Having people come and giving me the opportunity to show them what I love so dearly was an other.
Having people come just for my sake...
Getting to meet strangers and making new friends.
Being able to talk about spinning all day, with people around me growing totally bored, and getting empty expressions.
Being able to show how yarn and fanric is made from the smallest.
Sometimes getting the dad more interested, than their kids
Having someone who swore , never will try it...well, just try it and falling in love with spinning.
Having kids around, who are taking spinning into their stride, like they were born with a spindle in their hands.
Again, I have to say thank you for Adrien és Zsóka for organizing the event and inviting me. For my friends who let me promote it shamelessly on facebook, and even helping me with sharing the even so often. For Roni and Kriszti for helping me to prepare. For Tamás (Roni's DH) for helping me to get there and giving us food afterwards. for everyone who came.
And for the Universe. This was one day I was glad to be me.