Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Bride

Now, that we established the fact that I am a selfish knitter (and have no shame about it) here is an other thing I've knitted for someone else.
 Luca (of Barkafonal) asked me late last winter if I have "any handspun natural colored yarn"
"No, but I can spin some. Why?" I answered.
"Because I am getting married, and I would like to knit or crochet something for my wedding dress."
There she was in the middle of a store full of yarn, an she is asking for my yarn. I was moved, and didn't even thought of saying no.
Then we agreed in which fiber, what thickness, and I spun some 7-800 meters of  laceweight alpaca/silk for her.
And some 60 gramms I kept and spun into a fingering weight, because I wanted give her a wedding present.
The "thing" she planned for the wedding was not made at the end (because of the sudden move of the store I think), but the yarnshop girl didn't had to marry without wearing a handknit, because a few days before a big day, I presented her... with a pair of elbow length lacy glove.
And the next I saw it, was on the pictures of the wedding.
Handspun alpaca silk, about 50-60 gramms, beads, and the design is mine. Actually, I halved the yarn I spun, and since the glowes were knit top down, I could knit as long as there was yarn. I had less then a meter left after casting off.
(Pictures curtesy of Luca Zemplényi. Have a happy and long life together!)

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