Thursday, April 16, 2020

Random ways our lives changed…

About a month ago our lives turned upside down, literally from one evening to the next morning, and I am afraid, it is never going to be the same.  Sometimes things are surreal to the point they feel pretty much like we are living in a post-apocalyptic move, sometimes they are even funny…
I was planning a whole big serious post about what is happening, and though I do have thoughts, it would either turn into a big fast whinefest, and /or would be rather unpopular, so I thought I will just list a few things…
It’s not that I am a stranger to weird thing, I have done plenty of those in my life, including flying over to Germany for a concert of my favorite band on a whim, buying wall paint at 2.30 AM in Tesco, or travelling on a tram in head-to-toe full mid-Victorian, dress with corset and a cage crinoline as it should be, so we can say that weird is my middle name, but things are beyond those levels nowadays.
Things are in this list are in no particular order, just as I bumped into them and in fact there are some good things in there too… So without further adoo

Random strange things of our days…
  • Ø Driving through the city, during daytime, and not encounter traffic jams.
  • Ø Not being able to get yeast.
  • Ø Going out for a walk late at night and feeling guilty and defiant.
  • Ø Fighting over the last package of dried yeast in the store, even though I do not like the dried stuff, I prefer to use fresh.
  • Ø A post appearing on FB asking for fullcorn flour in exchange for yeast.
  • Ø Not finding meat in Tesco, except for some tiny small parts of the male turkey.

  • Ø Walking with a plush dog of my son. Yes, it is was partly a joke, as though there is a kind of curfew, but you can still walk your dog, however, that is the only dog I have, and that is only on loan.

  • Ø Telling N, that the next time we are going to shopping, I am going in a full renaissance court wear, just for fun, and he asking, without missing a beat “will you bring the dog too?”
  • Ø Having to stand on the street, and yell through the window of our neighborhood pharmacy to get my thyroid medicine, fir which getting the prescription was no small feat either..
  • Ø Not being able to go to a dentist.
  • Ø Having the urge and time to start walking / running again, but can’t because my old running shoes fell apart, and no stores open to get a new one. Yeah, I know, there are online stores and deliveries, but it’s a running shoe. Comfort is vital, and my feets are sensitive, so it needs to be tried on.  Ehh.
  • Ø Cities that live on / off tourists closing, and putting up signs that non-locals are not only not welcome, but forbidden to visit (this is a really sensitive point for me, you really do not want me to get into it deeper).

  • Ø I am reading the news. It is not as other times I am not interested, but PJ’s manic fetish f listening/watching the news all day long made me immune. Now, usually, the first things I check on, when I open my computer, are the news.

  • Ø From having a (not so) long distance relationship to having N over here 7/24… and still liking it, and loving him.

Thats it fo now, but no promises, of not continuing, if I will have moe stuff to list...