Monday, October 26, 2020

Newleaf or, the art of finishing

Oh, wow, two knitting post right next to each other.... Continious pattering around, and gaving many project at the same time does that... nothing happens for so long, then bumm, a bunch of things get finished at once...

Okay that is a bit of an overstatement, but, its not only got finished, but we even done a proper photoshot... anyhoe, I know, less talk, more pictures, right? 

As usual, I followed thw pattern... just about until I needed to separate the sleeves, then followed my head and my ideas...
There are added decreases and a bit of more agressive increases at the waistline, and some shortrows to make the back longer, so it could cover my arse...and I tried to pray out a bit of the motive of the yoke.

While knitting, the pattern pulled it together a bit, I even got some smartass comment on how I should have tacked down the long floats (thanks mate, I did). and I knew it will block out nicely...and it did. 

And then, when a self-stiping sockyarn works out perfectly with the pattern. 

Both yarn was bought in second hand shops, regular sockyarns. The base is Lana grosse, the colored one is a noname "sockenwolle". 

Pattern is Jennifer Steinglass Newleaf sweater. 

Photos: Norbert Varga

Saturday, October 24, 2020


In other words what happens, when Idecide I need new socks for my new...(ish) boots. 

Last year, before we went to Transylvania, counting on the fact that we will walk a considerable distance (BTW we did it. Just sayin'.) I wanted some new boots for walking. Already on our way, we stopped at a Decathlon, and I bought a petrol colord piece, but somehow it wasn't really... comfy I guess. It was slightly too big, slightly too hard, and I kept thinking some nice, thick, soft, handknitted sokcs would help the issue a lot. Well, then we came home, summer turned into fall, then winter, we did not travelled all that much anymore, and then, this year we did, but there I needed some city-walking shoes, not boots. 

However, at the end of the summer we drove some, and in the car socks are one thing I like to knit. 
I admit, I rarely do fussy socks - I am not saying never, because someone will count that on me, but usually I let the colors of the yarn speak. 

I have an insane amount of sock yarn. Yes, I giess I already mentioned before, that the love affair started when that particular yarn was not yet available here, and I snagged every little bit that I found in second hand stores. I can still NOT say no to colorful sock yarns, I can still bring home a lot. I do have full balls too, but the most interesting task is figure out what to so with the smaller leftover bits.
At th ebeginning I paired up different colors out of pure necessity, then I grrew to love contrasting heels and toes that I often make my modern (not historical) stockings this way, even if I do have enough yarn for a full pair. 
Almost right after I finished the third pair, I realized, that this year more petrol colored item found its way into my closet, and then (by pure chance, right???) a pair of petrol colored boots fell into my laps (from an online market).. 
However, if anyone would think that all this (namely the matching colors of the boots and the socks) only by chance, see a pair of boots I got last year, and its socks. 
And my pair of winter boots also from last year, with its own pair... 
From these pics I came to think of how many things I never posted about, but then again, tomorrow is another day, right? 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


A few years ago, when I started working with historical clothes I started with a traditional cage-crinoline... Actually with two right away, and then a third was made.... Now Andi decided that she wanted a dress for the 1860'ies...

She shopped for steel boning, cotton musline, grosgrain ribbon, and came to my sewing room.
I dug out my old notes and started working...

The steel boning was just not enough (even though we used my secret stash too), so the last round only had its covering and place done. when Andi was packing up a few hours and a photoshoot later... 

If the petticoat looks familiar, its not only by chance... its mine, it already appeared here on this blog somewhere..