Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The City of Győr and the Baroque Wedding

 I've written about the event back in 2019. Last year's event went to where all other similar event went, but this year we've go invited again. Days of the 17th century... what they wore? what they eat? how they fought? how they spent their days? 

The visitors got answers to those burning question and then some. 

(Got new shows... and they are red!)

My new little friend Anna, and her 18th century italian gown her mother sewn for her.

And what do you do, when you have to make a program, because it is in the program, but not in your contract, so you don't know about it... dance, what else? 

Photos: Norbert Varga, Bodeszphoto

Monday, November 8, 2021


That is rushing by, and I am running after it, and which I am playing for, vecause I cannot figure out to be a good guirl and blog the three event from the end of the summer, or complain about how our lives changed, or show you some civil (as in not historical) dressing up pictures, or shall I confess that I hardly knitted over the summer, or, or, or... 

Sometimes I feel I am yelling into the void (or the chimney?), sometimes I think I am writing to myself, and then suddenly, I hear at the most unexpected places, from the most unexpected people that they do actually read my blog. 

Then The Day Of Wool came and went, and I didn't even show pictures what I've taken there (though I fully intended to)...

So, now I have three event from the end of the summer I want to show you, then afterwards I have some real exciting crafty stuff. First let's get over those late summer events, and afterwards I'll get to new crafty stuff. 

Until then, look, what happens, when I take out all the WIP socks from my bags... 

When I posted this pic on FB, I added, that these are the socks I work on actively. There are sweaters I am working on, shawla, and a big bunch of "dormant" stuff. Just saying.