Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Palmanova: the last of the summer's reenactment events

 Which, technically- was not a "summer event", though that depends on whether we take the astronomical or the meteorogical summer. As a person who dealt with going to the start of the shcool year as being September 1st (counting not only my school years but also my son's shcool years), that is usually the "pschychological" date for the end of the summer. Also, as I observed in the last two or three decades, that something happens with the weather between August 20th (our national holiday) and 1st of september. It feels like the change is not gradual, as the world is not turning around evenly around the sun, but have points when it tilts a little bit and the changes are more sudden. I know there is not a scientific theory abot this, it is how it FEELS for me. There are a few of these points over the years and summer's end is one of them. Anyhow, as fas as I see, no matter how hot the summer, how hot the "dog days of August" are in the ten days between our big August 20th celebrations, and the beginning of school, the wether changes for the worst. Nice, sunny weather might come back in september, and can last into a beutiful indian summer, but it will never be as searingly hot.

The Napoleonic reanactment event in Palmanova at the first weekend of September, therefore should count as a fall event... But it is in Italy. Considerably further down to the South. Two years ago we have been there and we enjoyed our visit tremendously. This year I was not sure about going. Yes, I've put in the Foundations's calendar as "go", but due to the plague ridden circumstances it was not sure they won't cancell it. By the time the condirmation came, I had like five other things lined up for that weekend (including some concerts AND a reenactment event in the city I grew up and still have some friends in, which is somethingI wanted to do ever since I started doing reenactment), but Norbi is a very much rule abiding person. He would not cross a red light, even in the middle of the night in a tiny passage, he would not stop in a Bus stop to drop someone off, and so on. Also, if he once said he would go somewhere, no amount of whining, no amount of (seemingly) much better programs popping up would convince to do otherwise. 

So to Palmanova we went. Of which I was eternally glad afterwards, as it was lovely, we had fun, we got some new friends, and when it was over, we went ahead and prolonged ou stay in Italy, but that trip is not the topic of this post. 

I did not write a full blogpost about our last Palmanova experience two years ago, though you have seen pictures of it peppered through my series on the regency rose dress. 

So, Palmanova is a town not far from Venice, which is actually a nine pointed star shaped fortress. For a weekend in September it was filled with sordiers, civilians, time travellers from the turn of the 18th and 19th century. 

Only a msaller team, two couple represented out foundation this year.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Eger, the era of the Turkish invasion

 I've heard so much about this event, but in most years it is at the same weekend as the Baroque wedding, out team splits, and somehow I always went to Győr. Now, finally there was a week between the two event, and we could join the other half of the team.

Photos: Norbert Varga, Bodeszphoto