Tuesday, April 23, 2019

As he found his Juliet...

This is the title of a pretty famous Hungarian poem, by the renaissance poet, Bálint Balassi.
Roughly translated, it goes
"As he found his Juliet,
so he greeted her:
I don't want this world
without you, my beautilful love.."

Those who are my Facebook friends know that something is up.. I could wax poetic about him, I could fill up pages and pages, but, you know what. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand word... so and without much explanation, just a few pictures from the very first both of us is on (didn'§t I say, that you can find the very best people at the first row of teh SZBB concerts?), through the one where we started to realize there might be more that just being the fans of a particular band... to the latest picture I found on my phone, on which both of us is on.

Here is to many more pictures of together, many more adventues. Because every day together is a holiday, a celebration.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Knitting content

After all, this supposed to be a knitting... umm, crafting blog... Even if it is just about to tun into more of an overall journal, but what the heck.. here is a tiny bit of actual knitting content, before you all turn away..

Something is happening with my sock-yarn scraps...

Friday, April 19, 2019

An obsession...?

In the spirit of trying to catch up with what happened last year...
I have a confession to make...Aside from knitting and yarns, and handcrafts... I have another obsession...which is my favorite band. In the early 2010's I heard their music here and there in the radio, but when I decided that I like them enough that I want to go to their concerts, it took me about 1.5-2 years to actually get there. I was still going to university, and something always came up. A test, and exam, working in teh big craft fair in the castle, Chris's acident...
But when I finally got to there... The first time I saw them live I was awestruck. I mean there is that guy, coming out to the stage, and he is like bringing his heart and soul in his two hand and offering to the audience. He is so hones, and such positivity towars life is piuring out of him...

Over the years I developed a deep interest in them, so much that people messaged me when a concert popped up here or there...  Yes, I did went to a lot od their concerts, but last year this interest turned into an obsession, and as result I went to even more of their concerts...

Oh, yes, many of my friends thought I am crazy, some even thought... but at my age I know better than that I think :-) 
 After the concert, where we ended up dancing in the water...
 The famous beard pulling picture... (Never say to me that I do not DARE...)

Over time I got friends with a bunch other fans like Hajni, whose big change in her life we celebrated together...where else, that at a SZBB concert....(of something else happened there, but I tell you about it later)..

Or Bea, who joined us in KOBUCI in the fall..

Just because in the front row there are always teh best people, (beside me, LOL), like Eszter.

To be honest, this was just as much about them, as much about me. That in the first time in my life I COULD. That I had the money, the means, the time, in short I arrived in my life to a point that whenver a concert popped up here or there I could just shake my shoulders and say "okay, let's go"... that I COULD by the tickets, I could travel there, I had the time... I enjoyed that just as much as the concerts themselves.

So much, that I believe that I got the fan who travelled mosto their concerts award and even overturned the record of the number of concerts any fan went in a year...
 So much, that when there was a concert two days before my birthday, I got a very special happy birthday, and my favorite song performed just to me...

It was the best birthday gift... and my best birthday ever.
Photos: Norbert Varga and Christopher Deli

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A fabric store in Prague

Attention please: The following pictures can seriously bother your soul's peace. Proceed carefully, and only at your own risk. As we were walking around in Prague a couple of weeks ago, and sat down to eat that trudlo, I innocently put "yarnstores" into the search window of the Google maps, and it showed three possibilities. We chose the closest one, and it turned out that though they do have some yarns, their main profile is fabrik... and what fabrics... My head is full of plans for historical clothes, so my heart raced... I needed extreme self restraint (and a more or less empty bank account) and walked away only with a dragonfly button... But not before I asked if I can move in, and sleep in between those fabolous fabrics.

P.S.: We can go to that Trabant Museum now.