Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knitting update

On the knitting front...
while I was on vacation I started this cardi:

Finished up this tiny shrug I made from four balls of rowan cotton tape:

With this much of leftover yarn:

And started a lace shawl:

The yarn came from Uruguay, though ebay, and while it is soft and light the color is more golden, than the rusty orange I like...

Puppets and dolls

made from corn husk:

waldorf type of dolls:

A fluting boy-doll:

A resting boy:

A doll house:


Unlike knitting there was lots of felted stuff:

And the lady who actually was working on a gorgeous colorful bird... please note the tiny orange felted crown on her head :-)))

She made the cutest sheep (and she wouldn't sell it :-((

She also made this swallow on the spot:

these little balls are just gorgeous, I think

but I was simply awed by this dragon:

the yarn

I am sad to say that even though i went with the intention of finding out more on spinning, yarn, and knitting was missing... the only yarn for sale:

the only booth that sold knitted items, like slippers

and bags

And the only spinning wheel I saw was

I was very dissapointed about that...

along the every day stuff there was everything

Everything, includes almost everything. Even arrows...

Traditional jurtas

Lace making... (hmm everyy year I wonder that though I tried almost every craft, this somehow does not interest me... even though I love lace. I knit and croceht lace... but this...just passes by me

There was tons of entertainment. Shows of folk dancing. I do not know where this group came from, but they were moving SLOW... I could not figure out where did they came from, but there was some interesting drawing (painting??? tatoo?? on their faces)

And of course dance teaching...

It is only 364 days until the next one...


The city is divided by the Duna:

And the yearly airshow, and the Red Bull Air-race was on. I am rather immune to flying and aircrafts, when these pulled up over our head...even I turned my camera to them:

back on the ground there were carved chairs. I was enchanted by the little corner seat:

more folk arts

There were lovely dresses around...sometimes I wish I could wear things like this:

But some really wore tradition inspired dresses:

they were for sale too:

Since this is the year was the year of renessaince one could see dresses from that age...

Some from a bit later:

And there was everything... even chain shirts:

The festival of folk arts

August 20th is the biggest national holiday of Hungary. It is the (birth)day of our first king St Stephen which is my favourite holiday. It is also the celebration of the "new bread" (the first bread baked from the newly harvested wheat). Lots of things going on, airshows, airraces, a flower-carnival, and it is the time of the festival of folk arts. In the Buda-side of the city where the castle is there is this huge craft fair... there are booths to introduce arts of...almost every folk arts. It is the traditional gathering of these craftmen, and craftwomen... And one can also buy most of the items.
Like traditonal embroidery:


Not the potter though

but his pots

You could see old/traditional wood/coal burning stove (it was not for sale... in the countryhouse we had one like it...I loved making fire and cooking in it, even managed to bake rather evenly in it...I miss live fire in my kitchen now.):

(more is coming...)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting our regular blog schedule for an important announcement. Our best employee the star of the customer service, the wonder sales girl is leaving our ranks. We are glad to say that she will stay in the bank, but from September 1st she will strengthen the force of the New Bank Development (or Business Transformation Quality) department as an assistant. One of our eyes is crying, the other one is laughing. We are sorry to loose her, she is already a legend, but for her own good we have to let her go.
Sources close to our crafty girl say that she professes to be scared shitless, but she trusts the Universe. She wasn't going after the job, she was approached and asked if she is interested.When she was interviewing she asked "If this job is meant for me, universe please make them offer it to me. If they will choose somebody else, then I accept that it wasn't meant for me. But if it is really for me make them give me more money than they originally talked about." They did. So while she is anxious, she is also happy and trusts that this will mean good things for her. Even if it will mean no knitting at working hours.

Thank you all for your attention. Now we will return to our regular crafty/knitting blog.

more pictures

Just because I promised...
The house from the garden:

The view from the house:

Chris and me getting in the water (It is far enough so my fat tires do not show as much):

A bit of wider view of the lake from the beach:

These pictures (and those I didn't show made me resolve to adress my weight issues again. I look awful. YUCK)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


One week of vacation...yay. My father bought a summerhouse at the biggest lake of Hungary, the Balaton. At the side which is closest to Budapest a place called Balatonkenese. Miklos Horthy had a castle there, which later became the Hungarian army's holiday resort, so you can all guess it is a gorgeous place.
The week was a bit long, and since most of the family was there, some disagreements and stressful times were inevitable, but Christopher had a blast...

We went with bikes to check the he is with his grandfather:

With his mama...

On the background there is the small hill where the house stands:

"This big fish I saw...!"

There was this blown up jumping castle/giant slide:

I save the pics from the house and the water for the next post