Wednesday, August 13, 2008


One week of vacation...yay. My father bought a summerhouse at the biggest lake of Hungary, the Balaton. At the side which is closest to Budapest a place called Balatonkenese. Miklos Horthy had a castle there, which later became the Hungarian army's holiday resort, so you can all guess it is a gorgeous place.
The week was a bit long, and since most of the family was there, some disagreements and stressful times were inevitable, but Christopher had a blast...

We went with bikes to check the he is with his grandfather:

With his mama...

On the background there is the small hill where the house stands:

"This big fish I saw...!"

There was this blown up jumping castle/giant slide:

I save the pics from the house and the water for the next post


Anonymous said...

I love the pics!! Can't wait to see more... :D

Isis said...

Wonderful ! I told you, I spent a holiday on Lake Balaton when I was about 2 years old... I can't remember anything though so pics are very welcome for me, too !