Monday, September 19, 2022

In medias..

Lecsó is the hungarian dish with lots of fried pepper and some tomatoes.. kinda the Hungarian raratouille. Anayow, we have a saying that let's hit the lecsó, meaning that let's just leave out the unimportant stuff, start in the middle. I have no idea, how far it will go, how long I can keep this up, we will see, the intention is there. 

I think I felt sorry for myself enough, I turned into a finding-my-way mode, so the random will me randomer than usual, style, regurality, content-wise. 

For first a few picture of me mindlessly spinning in the big craft fair, just incidentally like it is the worlds most natural thing. I only went out there without my spindle and spinning once, and everybod was onto me about where the hell did I leave my spindle... never again. 

And the result:

Pictures: Norbert Varga  / Bodeszphoto