Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodby 220

I’ve tried to put together a yearly summary of my Insta-pictures, but the app wanted to put in older pictures. Then I’ve written a run through of the year, but it was lost. So it seems, nothing wants me to put out anything else, but this montage. Well this was such a year, there was many good things among the bad, and I am ever so grateful for them. I was heading into this year with such high momentum and expectation, now I wait for the next one with doubtful curiosity. So let’s see what comes now. As they say, nothing is forever. Nor the good, but neither the bad. 


Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas tree that almost didn't happen

 Because if  one does not posts about it, it didn't happen, right? 

A little more than a year ago we have started a huge project rearranging the flat... the primary obect, changing the room that used to be my tiny sewing room and what used to be my son's room was done by the summer, I even sewn the bridal gown and the crinolin / hoopksirt and the overskirt for my teammates. However, as a result there were heaps of stuff everywhere else, besides, why stop? 

So I attacked my gradrobes and wardrobes and started to work on the living room, (more about that in an other post). The important thing that last year there was no Christmas tree in the flat, and this year I kind od swore that unless the living room is in FULL ORDER, there will be NO Xmas tree... But life happens, and I worked more than ever in November and December, so of course, the living room is far from being in full order... 

But we had to run for a last minute shopping on yesterday morning, and this just happened.

Merry Christmas Everyone