Monday, October 28, 2013

Lacy Shalom

I have a way to deal with disappointment. I make something. Besides knitting in my teens and early twenties I kept sewing new stuff (my cousine kept telling she would like to be heartbroken like me, and ending up with a new shirt, or skirt). My late twenties, I made quilts. Nowadays more than anything I knit.
So when faced with a disappontment, and needed to restore the world's order, I took out something from my stash I wanted to knit for ages. I had the pattern and the yarn for about four years. Every fall I took it out of the box I kept it, only to get distracted and put it bck next spring. Last year I went as far as winding the skeins into balls. Now, I finally knit it.
As much as I love the Shalom cardigan I could not just leave it alone. My gauge was way off, and I wanted a more open neckline, I started with about 220 stitches, and went from there. Added lace panels to the front and the back, and naturally generous waist shaping (I don't even know what the pattern said about that, I didn't read it that far. Probably didn't read it past the yoke.)
Knitted a couple rows of garter stitch to finish off the sleeves. At the end I finished the knitting with this much to spare.
And for the technical details:
Shalom cardigan,
Artesano Aran (50% merino, 50% alpaca), 400 gramms,
3.5 mm addi circular needles. 3.5 mm Brittany DPN set.
(Pictures: Krisztina Tóth)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Official announcment: SHOP is UPDATED

I finally got the pictures and the timeto update the shop.
You can reach handdyed yarn from the right side, or through this link:

Handdyed wool from here:

And I finally put up some handspun yarn as well:

I will totally do International shipping, but shipping costs are subject to checking with the post office.

Go, and dig yourself in, there are a lot f wondeful colors to choose from.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspired by inspira

The inspira cowl was in my favorites for ever so long, despite the fact that I am NOT a fan of cowls or neckwarmers.
 I jut don't see what they are good for, as one I can't stand anything thight around my neck (I don't wear turtlenecks either), as for second I can't imagine pulling a thing like that over my head messing my hair a couple of times a day.
 The pattern, and the finished objects on Ravelry fascinated me, however, so much that I just could not let reason keep me away from knitting it. I dived into my seemingly endless supply of sockyarn, came up with a grey and purple selfstriping USHY (Unidentifable SecondHand Yarn) and just done it.
I checked many finished object, and looked through the pattern, but I admit, I have not read it through carefully, in fact I forgot to take it with me, when I took my knitting to the train and some of my Uni courses, so I just went after my mind.
I rather like the result, however how much wear it will get, if any is remains to be seen.