Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspired by inspira

The inspira cowl was in my favorites for ever so long, despite the fact that I am NOT a fan of cowls or neckwarmers.
 I jut don't see what they are good for, as one I can't stand anything thight around my neck (I don't wear turtlenecks either), as for second I can't imagine pulling a thing like that over my head messing my hair a couple of times a day.
 The pattern, and the finished objects on Ravelry fascinated me, however, so much that I just could not let reason keep me away from knitting it. I dived into my seemingly endless supply of sockyarn, came up with a grey and purple selfstriping USHY (Unidentifable SecondHand Yarn) and just done it.
I checked many finished object, and looked through the pattern, but I admit, I have not read it through carefully, in fact I forgot to take it with me, when I took my knitting to the train and some of my Uni courses, so I just went after my mind.
I rather like the result, however how much wear it will get, if any is remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Your cowl is GORGEOUS!

peony said...

Thank you Simone!