Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekly spinning: beaded

This braid was in my drawer for years, and I found it in one of my "I don't have anything to spin" fits.. I admit, I love long striped rowings, I love how the turning of the fiber produces ever so slight differences, that is still one color, even if tweedy a bit, but who doesn't like tweedy?
This started out as a merino/silk mix, that had pulplish/greyish/bluish black, some red and some white silk combed toogether. First I spun very, very thin singles...
Then navajo plied the singles and threaded beads in it randomly. Sometimes one in 1.5 meter, sometimes three in one meter.
I used 100 gramms fiber, and about 15 gramms of japanese size 8 TOHO beads.
Ended up 660 meters of beaded lace yarn. What does that make?
As my friend put it: darn lot spinning, darn thin singles...

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