Monday, May 5, 2008

back to knitting

I've read this and hit hit me in the heart. So true, so true... so let's just get back to knitting.
For the moment I am still working on the Butterfly dress. The lace edges are done, blocked. I also did a tiny swatch for the pattern of the bodice, including trying out a way to use beads withouth having to thread them on beforehand... who knows me would also know that there is NO WAY I would thread about five hundred beads and keep slipping them back off, especially with the possibility of the yarn running out and having to put the bead on a different skein of yarn... NO WAY. So I tried a new method, I bought the thinnes available crochet hook (actually I bought about five of them in different sizes) and beads that are not the smallest one, but anbot 4 mm across. When I come to a point where a bead needs to be placed I take the bead, place it on the hook the stitch from the right needle and pull it through the hole of the bead, then put the stitch back to the left needle and knit it... Problem solved. Of course it only works with a relatively thin yarn, and not so tiny beads. I wouldn't try to pull a worsted weight yarn through a 5 mm bead for an odessa hat, if I were to make it (probably will. Someday.) But for the Zephyr yarn I use, or the Rowan kidsilk haze it works just fine. Now I have about four inch knitted from the bodice.
As for the lace edge, once I figured out what goes where it was real fun to knit. Especially with this needle. Talking about this company they are my absolute best e-bay experience. They ship so fast my head spins. They have great prices, and lovely merchandice. Great service too.

Knitting made m ethink of my mom and grandma. I actually picked up the phone to tell my mom when I figured the lace out. She died about five years ago... my grandma died about two years ago, but every time I sit doen to knit I can feel them, sitting at my sides and watching what am I doing.

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