Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have't give up

Blogging... I had no time to post these last few days. I was working on the translation (which is finally finshed thank you very much). Beside work and that what time I had I spent with my son. Thankfully I managed to meet with my knitting friends both was a balm to my soul... speaking of which, I feel a tiny bit better now... No, I don't know what to do, or how to solve things, but I don't want to hide at the end of the world anymore.
Back to knitting... I forgot to mention the handknit sightings of this week.
On wednesday as I was going to meet Kriszta I saw a sweater. It was handknit. I was going down on an escalator, she was on her way up. The yarn was not a big deal, creamy white and from the look of it it had a considerable amount of acrylic in it (maybe even up to a 100%). But the knitting was lovely. Short, fitted cardi it was. High waist with cables and the upper part of some diamont lace pattern. Sleeves a bit puffy and short (ish, they reached about the middle of her upper arm)... With her romantic tiered skirt, it looked very cute, it would have worth a better yarn... which is one of my pet peeves. In this god forsaken end of the world there is so hard to get decent yarn.

I have some more to report for this week, but I am just on my way out to see my son who is with his father at his summer house by the lake Venice... be back tomorrow with the rest...

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Isis said...

At the risk of being considered "cheap" from now on, I will admit that I buy a lot of acrylic myself... because all my money is going into the house right now ! But you knew that, having gone through my stash !
I'm glad you are finding solace in friendship. Friendship has been very important throughout my life. Who knows, it may in time bring you solutions you aren't even thinking of yet...