Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helm's deep from handspun

I think I could call this a long term project because I started it a year ago by spinning some natural colored pure alpacca,  When I bought the fiber I had nothing particular in mind, but pretty soon decided it will become the Helm's deep shawl. I finished the yarn in july and it was resting on my bookshelf ever since...
Until I hit a wall with my current projects, everything is in a point where some calculation, decision is needed, and I am stuck with them... so I took the easy way out and cast on for a shawl...
It looked like this before blocking... just can't resist taking before and after pictures with lace, I am always amazed how lace changes...
The shawl design is using two different stitch pattern, One of them is Cloister. I am not a fan of bobbles and nupps, but I like how these came out.Maybe because there is not much of them there.
The other is moorish lattice.
The shawl is knitted in two pieces and grafted.
200 gramms of Alpacca, that became about 700 meters of two ply yarn, which has a nice soft halo.
I knitted the medium size, which is big enough to wrap myself in it, but light enough to scrunch it up as a scarf.

I like it so much, that i can even forget the incident of Christopher falling on my favourite Brittany needle breaking it into two...especially because with that I found out that one of my best liked resource ships to Hungary again.

Now I have to knit a pair natural colored mittens...Should this be my biggest problem. :-)


Isis said...

absolutely stunning result !

kristieinbc said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I admire anyone who can successfully knit lace. I have failed at every attempt.