Friday, February 25, 2011

Selbu the third time

I've knitted it the thrid time...and I think this one is not the last.Not long after I finished mine, I went to a knitting meeting, where Adel fell in love with it. She was fondling it, trying it on, turning it inside out and back.
 I was so moved that even though I really don't like to knit for others I offered to make one for her.
She bought dark grey and dark red Lana Grossa sock yarn for it. I used one ball from each (there was a bit of leftover from the red, almost none from the grey).
With stranded knitting like this (colorwoek, where one holds the unused colorstrand behind the work) a throughout blocking is just as important as with lace. Look, before this one was looking much like an upruned potty, than a beret, some stitches are uneven,the whole thing is just puckering everywhere.

After finishing the knitting I soaked it in warm water, made sure with a rubberband that the ribbing would not grow, and put it over the biggest potlid I could find in my kitchen. It had a 28-30 cm diameter.
After letting it dry throughly i packed it and mailed the same day, no chance to make a modelled shot. From the letter I received after delivery I take the owner liked it well enough.:-) So it was worth it. Not to mention the yarn I got in exchange. I think I got the better end of the deal.


Alwen said...

That's encouraging to see. This year I want to try colorwork, but my little samples look pretty bad so far!

H3Dakota said...

You are so right about blocking! I've yet to block the mittens I've finished knitting, as I need to create decent blockers first. Unpruned potty, indeed. LOL