Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing with spinning

I keep spinning with my drop spindle, but since it still takes a really long time to spin enough yarn for a good sized lace, sometimes I get really bored, even if as with knitting, I have more than one project on the go at any given time...When I do, get bored that is, I am playing with small amounts of wool.
This, for example started at the Spinning day at the fall, when, with Melinda we carded toogether many colors that were kinda unlikely to go well toogether...I spun it later and got this tiny skein.
This also started out at the fall spinning day, where we received a raw fleece from Rita, which we had to wash and card...(I could only do the carding there). We've dyed it there to purple, which roughed up the fibers, it would have been pretty hard. So I carded it again, this time with hand carders, i added some streaks of white merino. The result is decidedly rustic...
And here is my current little darling.We got these colorful wools from Adrienn on the day of the wool, which I wanted to spin in a way that keeps the colors toogether, so the final yarn would stripe up when knitted. I spun it to my usual thickness (for which my friend Zsu dubbed me Spider-woman), but this time I wasn't making two ply, but three ply with the navajo plying technique.
This one is not much either, less than 30 gramms, but there is 100-120 meters of it.
What else one can do with it, but put it on the edge of the bookshelf and look at it???

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