Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've been spinning

The stress of the last few week affected me more ways than I care to count :-(... one of those was that for weeks I just could not knit.
Yes I know. I've knitted through all kinds of things, including parting from P... Me, who is capable of turning back from the gate because I had no knitting in my bag (even if I was going to work). I was just sitting there looking at the knitting... Even if I took it into my hand I've put it down after a few stitches... I couldn't concentrate even on stockinette. Me who would knit in the dark at the movies. It was really scary, I have all this yarn, what am I going to do with it???
I don't know what made me try the spindle, but I am glad I did, because spinning took me through it now...

That is me in the park, shot by my friend, Kriszta, when we took the kids.

I finally finished the turqoise merino and silk, you've already seen the finished shawl. I still have about 200 meters or so, but no idea what to knit... maybe I will chain ply it and make a lacy fingerless glove.

Then I finally finished the alpacca I was making for the Helm's deep shawl. 200 gramms, about 700 meters.

Thats my son's hand... maybe gives an idea about the thickness.

It is soft enough to wear it around my neck...even when it is pretty warm.

And then I was spinning this beauty of softness... Up until now, this was the softest, loveliest rowing I've spun. I've started out with this 50 gramm of rowing which was 50% silk and 50% yak. Used the spindle I bought from Steven. Ended up with...

420 meters od the softest yarn I ever touched. Even if I say so myself. I would love to put it under my pillow. Or rather over my pillow.

I tried to do it as thin as I can, so it would be enough for something. I have no idea though what would that be.

Love that barberpoling, marbled effect too.
Any suggestion what should I knit from it?


Alwen said...

I love the color, and I'll bet whatever you knit from it will be lacy and very beautiful!

ritarenata said...


szivböl üdvözöllek,

Anonymous said...

ZOMG, you know I *love* that purple!! :D Maybe Annis?