Handspun yarns looking for new homes

All the fiber for these handspun yarns were imported from England. They are 100 gramms unless noted otherwise. Most of them are handdyed as well, and all of the were handspun by me, some on a spindle, ome on my wheel. 
1. About 110 grams, skein of 60 meters of coiled fancy art yarn. The base was handdyed corriedale, spun thick and thin, then plied with pure silk yarn, and coiled. 
2. Handspun commercially dyed merino/silk. Soun into thin laceweight two ply yarn. 100 gramms, approximately 760 meters.
3. Handdyed corriedale, spun into thin singles then navajo plied. 100 gramms, 220 meters in the skein. 32 USD.
4.Handdyed, handspun corriedale. The wool was dyed with long colorchanges with the colors of the rainbow. 100 gramms, 480 meters of two ply. 
5. Handdyed corriedale wool, spun into a fancy thick and thin art yarn. 90 grams, 112 meters of single ply.

6. Handdyed BFL and silk, spun into a thin laceweight two ply yarn. 100 gramms, about 7-800 meters of two ply. 
7.Handdyed, alpaca spun with a dropsindle into a thin two ply laceweight yarn.. 100 grams 600 meters. 
8.Handdyed shetland wool, spun into thin laceweight yarn. It has long color changes, starting from yellow, going through the colors of the rainbow and arriving back to yellow. 100 gramm, two ply 760 meters. 

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