Sunday, January 15, 2017

Adventures on National TV...

Well, this was a real adventure :-)
Spinning and dyeing yarn on national television:

Considering the fact that I was (umm, still is) really sick, stuffy/running nose, throat feeling like glass shards in it, and I was stuffed up to the top of my head with medicine, it went rather well :-)
I could not avoid the typical question about the sleeping beauty, but I think that is a small price to pay for being able to spread a little colorful, fibery love.
The whole program is available online:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One sentence

I sweat to god, I wanted to start the year with a post about the new year sweater (yes, I did finish the yarn, yes, I did knit the sweater, and no, I did not knit anything else until I was working on, and yes, I did finish it in about one week), however a surprise attack of whatever cold/flue is making its rounds in the city hit me, and hit me really hard, rendering my face not fit for any picture, and my body not not able to collect enough energy to dress up AND go to a place where there is enough light, and then taking a chance in minus so many C°, modelling the piece without a coat... so you have to wait... I am still debating, since some of you asked if my notion of posting more often lasted only this much, so whether I should show something else (somehow there are always a few stuff I never get around posting), or just continue to muse where all that snot fits into a human's head, and how to make myself presentable for tomorrow,as I have an appearance to make...
And this post ended up being one long sentence... now it is two sentence. Whatever.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


There is an ever so slight chance that I will have my own handcarded and handspun yarn finished in time to knit the New Year Sweater with it...
Now the plying can beginn...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Is 2016 over yet?

The Goblin King, The Half-blood Prince, Prince, and now our Princess. 2016, you officially suck.
I loved David Bowie and Alan Rickman… I really did, but I grew up on the original Star Wars films. There were no downloads, no DVD-s, not even video recorders around back then, so we sat in the movie theater again, and again, immersed in a galaxy far-far away.

I know, many of you would not think me as a Sci Fi fan, more like an old fashioned handcrafter history buff, but I am just as much one as the other.
I thought that, at least on the personal level 2016 didn’t suck as much, in fact, there was a few really good moment in it.

I am ready to withdraw that conclusion.
On the other hand...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


This much sleeve of a sweter can I knit in the movies watching a two hour movie.

Just because some of you will ask: the yarn is DROPS Lima

And if you want anything good for yourself, and remotely interested in Sci-Fi, and/or linguistics and/or time theory, do yourself a favour and watch the movie Arrival. 
It was amazing. Even Christopher, who is not fan of the slow paced artistic movies enjoyed it tremendously. It also gave us the opportunity to have nice talks about the movie, linguistics and the concept of time...
I try not to read up on a movie beforehand, only afterwards. I was NOT surprised to see that many thinks that this is one of the best movies of 2016.
Also that there is a name of the theory, I felt rather strongly about for a good while, “Sapir-Whorfhypothesis” . That the language you speak has an effect the way you think. More pointedly, that Hungarians out in the world are not so successful because they are smarter or better, but because they think differently. It is like our brain is wired differently. Just imagine a problem, and a bunch of specialist with anglo/saxon/french/etc wired brains looking at it from one side, and they can't find the solution. There comes the Hungarian, and because the way his/her brain is wired h/she turns the whole thing upside down, and loo and behold, the solution is there. The basic structure of our language is so different from the other indo-european languages. I have no idea if we think differently, because of our language, or the language is different, because the way we think.

If I would be slightly more interested in linguistics than I am, I would certainly research that.

Monday, December 26, 2016


I got a box of lavander cookie from Zsuzsi...
It dissapeared in a few days so, I had to bake some replacement.

Did you ever realized that there are recepies that only one person can make truly well?
Even if they give you the recepie, even if they show it to you, no matter how you try, it won't be the same?

I have a friend, Gizi, with whom I always made gingerbread cookies to put on the Xmas tree. She gave me the recepie, she showed it to me, still whenever I mix up the dough, it does not come out as well.
She says the same thing about my biscotti. I gave her the recepie, we did the dough together several times, and still, she says she can't do it.
I can't replicate my the stuffing of my mother's stuffed meat, or her liver patee either,,,

The lavander cookies are the best when my friend makes them. I love the cookies all to well to wait for her all the time, so I do make them, sometimes, then she asks why do I keep whining abou them. That is why.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas mood

Still eludes me, even though I AM trying.
You see?

  Sorry for the crappy phone pictures, but all of them were given away before I could take better ones.
Pattern for the bird is here.
For the xmas balls you can find a bunch on Pinterest or Ravelry, I looked a few of them, then made up my own.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat leftovers.