Friday, May 20, 2016

Pentacost fair

Even though I rarely go to fairs/festivals/markets to sell my wool, my friend Enikő convinced me, that her spindles and wood-stuff (buttons, shawl pins, etc) would go well with my fiber and yarn.
Also, I had some of my time freed up, so I could say yes...and spend two days spinning on the wheel that is being developed by Enikő and her husband, chatting people, and just NOT being at my desk, and keyboard. Would I went for the sales and money, I would have been rather dissapointed I guess, but since that was not the most important consideration, I enjoyed the two days... and learned some things...

The best place does not guarantee the most customers...
There are more and more ladies embrace their natural gray colors.
And they all love a compliment on their hair.
It is possible to get totally freezed out and sunburned at the same day.
It is possible to go the whole day with only one or two bathroom breaks.
That the nearest bathroom is in the National Gallery, and you have to pay to get in, does not guarantee that it is clean and well stocked with paper and soap...

That it is possible to start a friendship based on a haircolor :-).
That I can sit and spin for two hole day in a row...
And that I love when í friendly face turns up :-)

Friday, May 6, 2016

The best plans...

Can fall apart in a second...just like that.
Thank you for everyone who sent me notes/chats emails, Things are more or less fine.
I really, really had the best intention get the blog going on, more or less regurarly again.
Especially since I finally finished the University adventure, I thought that getting two days back in a week, will allow me to... however I was wrong, I still did not manage to catch up with everything, and then a sudden wandering virus, a nasty fight with a certain teenager, crumbling immune-system resulted in an illness... An illness to wich resulted me not being able to get up, or out of bad for days, and it lasted for week... in all honesty I haven't been this ill in many years, probably since 2009, when I had pneumonia.
Adding to that a deadline that was at least two weeks shorter than it was supposed to be, a Day of Wool that required days of preparation... not to mention stuff, like selecting/finding high-shcool for Chris, freaking out because of a lazy buerocrat and other official things, I was either running around like a headless chick, or working 16-20 hours a day to meat every deadline, get done everything in time- and still there were, some for whom it wasn't enough... . (The record was working 24 hours in one straight sitting...).

All this means I hardly ever knit, but I did manage to squese some spining (yes, to keep my mind in order was more important than... let say eating. Or sleeping.), and I still have stuff from earlier to show you... yes, pictures and posts will come.
Thank you all for being so patient.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekly spinning: artsy curly

I keep saying that since I do not knit with art yarns, I do not really see their use (but surely, for baby hats, neck-warmers, edges, accents, fpr special effects in weaving they do have their uses), therefore I do not like them...
However, once in a while, I do them, I have to admit, I do enjoy the process.
Like with this turqoise/orangey little number, for which a friend of mine selected for herself the fiber, and I promised I will make her something fun for her, that could be used as an accent in weaving...
It took me a while to actually do it, but here is a proof that sometimes I do fulfill promises like this. 
I hope she likes it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Topsy-turvy pictures

The yarn festival organized by the publisher company that owns Barkafonal now is called Kacskaringó, that would translate to... well I don't really know... meandering, or topsy turvy, the way a yarn is meandering rolling of a ball...
Last year, because of my shcool engagements I was there only for the second day, this spring I was there for both days.
I have my reservations about the event, especialy the organization of this spring, but I am no going into this here, whetever needed to be say I said it to the organizers, believe me :-)
The fun was that I've been put next to my friend, Adrien, whom I thaught spinning with the DROP spindle ages ago, and we are friends ever since.
It was also fun, because many came to see me, and those who told me they came especially to see what I brought was especially heartwarming.
I finally have a spinning wheel picture, not that I am satisfied with how I look on it, but never mind. A serious weight loss regime is looming at the horizon.
And the day of wool, the event so close to me heart, not only because it was the first of this kind of events, but also because I've been there sonce the very first one, that was held back in 2011 or so.
And the next one will come in a couple of weeks, and I just cannot wait.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Evening Breath

When I first met with the editor of the magazin, I wore one of my Forgetmeknot shawls I crocheted fom DROPS Delight....
She loved it from the first moment, and I grew to like her while working together...
So I decidet to make her a similar shawl... 
Slightly even brighter colors (i think they suit her even better), and this time using the Evening Breath pattern from DROPS.
It took us a while to arrange a meeting (we usually do things through the phone), so I could actually give it to her...

Pattern: Evening Breath from DROPS Design
Yarn: DROPS Delight
Hook: 4.00 mm
Pictures: Christopher Laurent Deli

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekly spinning: crazy alpaca rainbow

I already mentioned that doomed alpaca which there came a time, when I got so angry that I randomly throw the fiber into the owen and dyed it as it was... part of it was used to make some felted flowers, and other parts of it...
I tried to spin it from the lock (without carding it first)... I was still not happy with it, however I managed to get through the colors of the rainbow twice, and sat around trying to figure out what to ply it with...
If I ply it with itself, then it would be so little, and not anyough for anything, even a fun decorative addition... then I dyed some lace yarn, with the color of the rainbow, but really short repeats.
It did ended up to an interesting, crazy effect, just short of some clown barf.
I don't have it, as someone just bought it at the yarn festival las weekend. Who knows, maybe I should do crazy spinning more often.

Monday, March 14, 2016


 Ever since I've knitted the Inpira cowl a few years ago, I had this idea to make the broken corrugated rib into a sweater design. As usual I had the yarn, just as that long (I think that is partly the reason to my gigantic stash...I have the idea, I get the yarn, then I can't find the time, or loose interest, and/or a new prject or idea takes residence)...
 However, sometimes the time comes for a yarn, or idea to become a real sweater.
 It is a top-down sweater, started at the neck, which is intentionally wider, looser, a bit like a cowl/funnel neck.
 The yoke is knitted in broken corrugated rib.
The wide cuffs that are becoming my trademark, and the edge at the waist are knitted with simple 2x2 fair isle rib.
I am thinking of writing up the pattern....
Yarns: DROPS Delight (purple) and Fabel.
Needles: 3 mm for the gray and 3,5 mm for the stranded parts.
Photoes: Deli Christopher Laurent