Monday, June 3, 2019

Four weeks

Four weeks... this is how long I have not drank any Cova Cola.
Admittedly, I love Coke. the full sugary version.
I loved it since my childhood, even though there were times it vas scarcely available, and and can drink an insane amount of it.
I have been told many times (especially by my ex), that I am addicted. That might be so, but I ofte wondered, if I reall have an addiction.
When I stepped on the scale more than a month ago, went though the roof. Not the scale, but me.
I also had a wow, and a bet with myself. (I tried it once, giving up coke for a month, but then Chris had his accident, at the end of the third week.)
I actually started on May the first (more than 4 weeks ago), but then there was one small can in the fidge and N said it would be unnecessary temptaton.
The full 4 weeks were up by late friday night, and on thruday night I incidentally bought a can of coke. (Yes, shut up. Incidentally. How you say no to a store clerk, who was so proud that he remembered I only drink Coke? ). I had it with me on Friday night and I opened it just a few minutes before midnight.
It actually tasted strange. Now, I had a day or two of headaches at the beginning of teh four weeks, but that also could have had a million other reasons. No other withdrawal effect. No shaking hand, no feeling dizzy or sick, not even a standard attack of angry shouting. I also have not drunk anything else instead, but water. No other soft drinks, no syrups, just water, or seltzer water. Thats it. I did not died. Nor did I turn into a zombie. I have not lost much weight either.
Anyhow, I gave myself one day off, when we had an event to attend, and now back to square one. See f I can do this for another month.
Photos: Norbert Varga

Sunday, June 2, 2019


I haven't given up crafts, though the emphasis shifted somewhat lately...
I do work on quite a few things, though finishing things take longer, and more time goes on between such events...
However, things do happen, so let's see the latest concert we've been at...
Honeybeast. I did not know them, however N, and Chris quite like them, so I said why not. Last week there was a free concert at the Downtown Festival, but we got there late and N is not the type to elbow his way to close to the stage, we stayed far away, which resultem me only seeing the lights... (my eyesight is getting worst at an alarming rate, but that is another post).
Last Friday they had another concert at one of my favorite concert scene. after thefree concert I reserved the judgement until I can actually SEE.. well, the songs resembling one another just a bit too much for my taste, butI quite like them, though not as much (by far) as a certan other band.
Picture time. 

Photoes: Norbert Varga

Friday, May 31, 2019

SZBB concert, Paks

I keep nagging N, that he should do a blog, or at least a FB page for his photoes... But he keeps telling me no, it is only a hobby for him... well, until I manage to convince him, I have the priviledge to roam his photo-collection and post them... Here are a few of last week's concert.
Finally one that started (and finished) druing daylight hours.

 Photoes by Norbert Varga

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New project on the horizon

NOT that I managed to finish anything new, though a couple of pieces are actually near to the finish line, but something just keeps bugging me...

Monday, May 27, 2019

Kitchen Games

Translating cooking / baking themed TV programs have a side effect... Not only one will have an unquencheable desire to stuff or face something similar what is on the sceen, but the more creatives will have a similarly string desire to make something...
Now, I could pass Mathilda Ramsay with only one trip to the only place in Budapest I know sells churros, but doing the bake off had stronger effect on me...
Over the weekend a sponge roulade already happened (then dissapeared so fast it was gone before I could think of getting out the phone to shot a picture), and now, for a late breakfast a simple chocolate chip muffin appeared on the kitchen table...

Monday, May 20, 2019

Whirlwind weekend: part 3: Spring in Krúdy's quarter

Krúdy is a well known Hungarian writer from around the turn of the century and some of his favorite places (including his favourite restaurant) is around the the area of Buda (called Óbuda, meaning the old Buda), where happens to be the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism...with which our reenactor team is in a good relatonship (not at the least because one of our member is working there...) They had an exhibition about the life around the public baths at the turn of the century and WWI... Out team was part of the opening...we have been part of a special"Bath day" in the middle of February...and now we have been part of the closing event...
At the event called "spring in Krúdy's quarter", there were live (historical) interpretation, from the viewpoint of the nurse at the front and the wife wo was left behind the frontlines... there were ladies, fashion and etiquette, dancing of the turn of the centuries.

And here is my ensemble:

 The skirt was made by my young friend Roland. I've met the young man in one of Facebook's sewing groups and because of our mutual interest we started talking, we've met, and a friendship flourished. I find him very talented, and helpful. He is studying to become a professional dressmaker in the shcool I used to go, and when in the fall he asked if I would be willing to be a modell for one of his dresses in the shcool's yearly competition, I was happy to say yes. (more like is the sand in the Sahara?)
And while he was doing it my size, I asked would it be a bad deal, if I buy the fabric, but get to use the stuff.So instead of hiding away in a wardrobe, it would get out and be actually used.
Which does not mean I will never sew my own stuff again, obviously I will, but I am also for supporting young talents.
The day was fun, and we were beautiful, even if I say so myself.
Underwear and hat is my work,
Skirt: Zsérczy Kiss Rózsás Roland
Shoes: Cipéliusz
Photoes: Norbert Varga

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Whirlwind weekend part 2: Concert again

This time, my favorite band...SZBB (as In the Band of Baalázs Szabó). The same city that is close to where N lives, but a different stage.  Since I already wax poetic about how much I love them, let's jut have the pictures...
Photos by Norbert Varga