Friday, July 16, 2010

As long as we are talking about purple

Yep... I tend to have those color periods...I guess it is because of my need to match things up and if I have a -let say- purple skirt sooner or(rather than) later I will have some purple sweater to match things up...I had this yarn for a while (the recent happenings made me watch my budget very I decided to knit from stash. I haven't bought any yarn, or fiber for a whole month. Imagine that.
For some years I had my eye on a cardigan in one of the german magazines (I guess it was a sabrina special edition), but as we all know my german knowledge it rather limited, besides the cardigan needed a lot of modification anyway. So, as usual, I looked at the charts and made up my own version.

In the empire style I love so much (almot as much as wrap cardis :-)

Slightly A lined (but not as much so it would look like a maternity thing)

Long sleeves:

Crocheted button band (as it has more "hold" than a knitted one).

Yarn is Yarnart's jeans (50% cotton, 50% polyester) in lilac color. I used less than 400 gramms. 3mm addi circular needles (the body was knitted in one piece) and 3 mm straight bamboo ones for the sleeve. I knitted teh two sleeves at the same time. I would hate more trying to think what and when did I do with the second sleeve than sewing up the seams.

Also crocheted picot edge around the neck and the sleeves just to add even more romance.

The modelled pictures were shot by my favourite personal photographer.
Guess who is it :-)

Yep, it is my boy, who also figured out the automatic mode in the camera. Is he talented or what?

Thank you sweethart.


Isis said...

awesome sweater, wish I could do that... ! and Chris, he is getting so big ! wow !

Anonymous said...

SO pretty!! I love, love, LOVE it!!