Thursday, July 29, 2010

White summer

What can I say? I love white and I love summer. This summer we had hot times, but we also had pretty cold ones too.

I had about 300 gramms of Patons cotton yarn from the second hand shop. It was too much for a tank top, to little for a sweater. So a short sleeved summer cardigan seemed a good idea. I just couldn't find one I liked so I designed one :-)
Simple top down seamless raglan construction, with stockinett bodice, and a lace skirt/peplum.

There are increases hidden in the reversed stockinett columns so it is slightly A line

Also slightly puffy sleeved with crocheted picot edge. Typical of me, eh?

I think it will go well with summer dresses just as with soft, loose pants.

You know, who was the photographer, don't you ;-)