Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Desert wind

Calling it as such because I felt like in an emotional desert sometimes in the last few weeks...

Sometimes it is said about knitting that with its repetitive movements it can be pretty meditative...or even the new yoga.
For me knitting works in two ways. If i want to think about something i chose something really simple, like stockinett or ribbing..and let the meditative side take over, let my thoughts flow.
But when there is something I do NOT want to think about... I just take something that requires the outmost attention. Watching and thinking about every stitch...

This shawl certainly fitted the second category.

As the lace pattern with the nupps were not enough I went for the beaded wariety...

And the size that is...generous.

Thightly spinned pure silk from india.
Tiny seadbeads from the Chzech republic.
2.5 mm needles.St.arted out with straight ones, but when the number of stitches reached 600 I had to change to circs.

Me and my personal photographer :-). Thank you my boy.


Anice kötős blogja said...

I usually do the same-thinking or rather not thinking during knitting,just focusing attention.
But that aeolian is gorgeous, I would love to see it myself and touch it.

Alwen said...

That is so beautiful.