Monday, August 9, 2010

I was bad

And I went shopping.
I am frustrated and stressing... and these are the times when I go wilde with shopping... OK, I do it instead of drinking, or smoking, or... and I do it mostly in second hand stores, but my bank accound is still not so happy afterwards.
Now let's not even talk about clothes and how I ended up with seven white top from my favourite brand (although in different styles)...Lets just talk about what this blog is about (mainly...ummm).
I got a phonecall last week... form the lady who works in the shop... she got new yarn. You can guess how fast I was over there. And this is what I got...

Just for the sake of Angela here they are in detail. Uploading the pictures I realized that I didn't do a pic of the bag of red yarn... Cotton, just ever so sligly boucle-ish, like one ply was let looser while spinning it. About 500 gramms, definetly a sweater woth. Then the rest:Tweedy, slightly thick and thin. The color is mainly light green, other ones threwn in. There was two balls. A shopping bag maybe?

About 100 grams of one ply fingering weight. Light blue-ish green.Jenny would love it I guess. Maybe a scarf? Or?

Six balls of cotton ribbon yarn. One has viscose (rayon) in it and shiny, that would make a nice edge to...a shrug?

Various bits and balls of sock-yarn. I don't knit that much socks (though lately there are a few who helped me, and I think a pair of socks as a thank you gift would be cool, right?

And some superwash:

And although different brands, similar thickness and quality of wool. And the purple one is alpacca and merino.

So that is for the sex I had last week. Sex... as Stash Enhancing eXperience.


vardakeerutaja said...

Now when I've seen your stash - you really don't need any more :D. (So next time tell me when there are new yarns in shops ;D.)

peony said...

Oh... I do not believe in less is more... Rather the more the better. If for nothing else, I need the wool for insulation... this house gets so cold in the wintertime...LOL

Anonymous said...

ROFL! How did you know I clicked that first picture & sighed because I couldn't see enough detail?! Hee! I must say, those are the best looking SEX photos I've seen in a long time. :P As for the sock yarn - maybe it is a good time to start your very own sock yarn blanket?? ;)

p.s. Awesome win, by the way. :D

peony said...

Angela, my dear, I guess by now I know some things about you...LOL.