Friday, June 27, 2008

Can I make it???

A few weeks ago, when P.'s birthday was coming I ordered some sock yarn, hoping to get use of the sweater curse. A while back I hear Franklin Habit's essay, on one of the early episodes of the Cast on podcast about trying to put the sweater curse into action intentionally... The essay was funny, I laughed my (hmm...) backside off, and it ended "well Mr. Bush, how do you feel about bobbles?"... It made me think, especially because all those celebrations were coming. Birthday first and the nameday. Nameday is basically the birthday of the saint someone got his/her name from, when the church celebrates that particular saint. Every person has a name and therefore every person has a nameday, which here in Hungary we celebrate much like the birthday. There are slight differences though. Namedays are in most calendars, so most everybody knows when a person has his/her nameday (except for rare names), more so for more popular names (while birthday are -kind of- private. But Presents are usually a bit less serious than for birthdays though... Anyway, the nameday of P. is coming up... I could knit him a nasty scratchy acrylic sweater. No, I decided a while back, that being a yarn snob, I will practice what I preach, and I will not knit from nasty material. For any reason. Then I was thinking if it really have to be a real sweater, wouldn't the thought, the intent and the act work? What if I'd knit him something else, a smaller piece maybe? Hmmm, the only time he commented positively on my knitting was when I made the sock for Chris. Ok, let's see if it would work with socks too... I went ahead and ordered the yarn, which didn't arrived in time for the birthday, nor did it came two weeks later. When I had to accept that the Hungarian post had been it's best again... I wrote to the seller who is one of my favourite eBay seller, and she (or is he? from the letters we exchanged she sounds like a woman but signs the letters a Bing, therefore I keep wondering. I just don't know how to ask... Well she-he?- knows I have this blog, so might even let me know one time) ...anyway they sent me the package again, which I received on Wednesday late afternoon.
OK, I can knit faster than the average, but can I make a pair of socks in three days? Big feet. Though the leg part wouldn't have to be too high, P. preferred his socks shorter.
I cast on Wednesday evening while I was meeting Dinara. Let's see when can I finish it...

(Yes, I know. I am a complete idiot, for knitting the socks in the first place, then thinking I can do it in such a short time. By now I see that since the yarn nice as it is only 40 gramms per ball, they will probably be anklets. Big, mensize...anklets.)


COPOKA said...
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peony said...

Bing wrote to me, and she is a female. Very nice one at that. She said she cannot imagine a man crocheting as fast as she can.
So the mistery is solved.