Monday, June 9, 2008

seven year old

my son that is... unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperated, all days the possibility of rain hanging over us, closing out the ZOO, and I thought the Palace of Miracles wouldn't be the best idea for sunday with a not so nice weather, because there would be wayyyy to much kiddos there...I did managed to take him to IKEA on saturday. I wanted to take a look at the plastic storage boxes (I need to dosomething about my stash). Sunday, I cooked, knitted and baked Chris's BD cakes. Two of them. One of them is to go to the ovoda(kindergarten) and a smaller one for home. OK, they are still rather rustic looking, but here they are:

And here are some pictures of knitting. the swatch I did a week or so ago for the purple beaded shrug:

I've deceided to knit it with the short bamboo needles, but the package haven't arrived yet...

And the second act of the butterfly story... it is a happy story, so much I made the same pattern twice in very rapid are some pics of the white linen/cotton version:

By now it is dry. I hope it will not take me too long to sew it toogether and crochet the picot edge around it. (That is something I still haven't did for the blue one.)

There was also nice advancement for the yoga wrap, now I am at the point when I have to figure out if I should to the whole for the sleeves here or one repeat later...then I have to figure out just how to so the holes for the sleeves.

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Isis said...

And once more, a very happy birthday to the lovely boy !

Spreaking of lovely... and I can't believe how fast you are knitting these days ! I'm still on the Mother's Day scarf, LOL !!!!