Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Which stitch???

Ok, I have this idea, the thank top with a lacey patterned racerback back, much like this one:

But don't ask me why I just don't want to use the same stitch pattern... so I am making all these samples to figure out which one to use... I want one with fairly strong vertical lines and LOTS of holes (which are necessary, because I am kind of short of yarn...)

Help me choose which one to use, ok?
First I thought I would use this one:

but then I tried this one

And I just couldn't say no to a butterfly pattern, like this (the lower part), but I was like naaaaahhh, and tried the very simple lacey grid like the upper part of this piece:

I am for one leaning toward the last one which at the upper part of the above sample, what do you think???

And while I was swatching I did the swatch for the cardi I want to make for my best friend's daughter:

Which gave me one more possibility on the racerback stich too...


Anonymous said...

ooh, they are ALL pretty! The first one is really nice, but I think I like the one you are already leaning towards the best! :D

Isis said...

I agree... I think the simple lace would look best for what you want to make.

herr_dr_nuss said...

me too. they are all nice. the tanktop would look good with any of them. you'd look good in the tank top! they are all so intricate and complex! it must have taken a while to make them! you have a great imagination to think of these design and make something of them!