Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why do I knit???

It is so simple. Because I do not know life withouth knitting...even in my baby-pictures I wear something hand knitted. As I already mentioned my mom learned to knit in highschool from a classmate of hers, a boy at that... and my paternal grandma did all kinds of crafts, knitting and crocheting included. It was always around me... my father told me that when he was a kid they kept angora bunnies and my grandma spinned their hair, and she knitted the yarn up, and that time angora was the poor men's wool... how the world chanded since. So few keeps animals these day, and so few knits (or crochet, or sew) at home anymore. Ever since I learned to knit and crochet I cannot imagine being bored, or sitting down with my hands empty even to watch television. Especially to watch television. Even when in the mid-late nineties handkits were sooo out of fashion I always did something. Crochet tablecloths. Trying to knit lace, whatever just to keep my hands busy. Of course there is reading also, my other infatuation. But that is for an other post.

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Isis said...

I thought this over when I started knitting/crocheting again after a long interval and for me it is clearly because I NEED to create things with my hands... baking bread works too and so does gardening/planting things. I have a brainy job and doing things I can actually touch with my hands keeps me sane and balanced (or so I hope). It's a need, a drive, much like an artist feels the need to create art I suppose.