Monday, June 16, 2008


I also managed to get my hair cut last week... Dinara shot a few pics of it on our friday meeting. Here they are

Dinara is such a talented photographer... she made me look much better than I really do...
Oh and here is me and Christopher on Saturday:

Dinara, thank you... these picture will be my favorites!


Isis said...

Great pictures indeed but believe me, they are true to life ! You are a beautiful lady !

herr_dr_nuss said...

don't sell yourself short sweetie.

you're gorgeous! ignore P and hungarian men need labotomies if they don't fall over themselves to get your attention! they have serious problems!

COPOKA said...

You are very photogenic but in real life you look even more gorgeous. I am very happy that you liked the pictures and chose one of them for your profile even. You are my favorite model!!!