Friday, February 26, 2021

A pink shawl's new life. And mine.

This shawl is not new. I woven itt about 5 years ago.
I've even written about it here. 


Why do I post about it again now? Partly of course, because after so many times, I finally did the fringes on it, also washed, ironed it...

And made proper photos of it...
But also, beccause it is the last point on my pink and gray ensemble. The icing on the cake, the dot on the "i". 
Sometimes I am told, that the way I dress is pretty well put together, sometimes I am asked how I do it. 
Well, this is how. There is something, that starts it, in this case it was that pair of pink boots, which was a pretty good symbol of that few months in the fall of 2018, when love was fresh and new, and I saw everything through a pink glass. Two and a half years later the love is still there (just sayin'). 
I always loved dressing up. Not only in costumes, or historical clothes, but I always loved putting together my everyday clothes too. I also have many, many clothes. Admittedly, most of them came from second hand shops, and were cheap as heck, but still. There was a time when I had so many of them, on my last "real" workplace my collegaues made bets aboout when will I wear the same outfit twice. I worked there for almost a year. And no, I did notgave them that joy :-).. Nowaday, I have much less, partly because for the last 6 years or so I worked mainly from my home, I did not needed the pretty-ish office clothes, anymore, also, because I gained a weight. Lot of it. I don't want to go into it too much, but let's just say, my last ten year was'nt fun, not only because my struggles with being a single mom, university, unemployment and money and a bunch of other issues, threw my thyorids off whack, this ten years was also a constant struggle with my weight, which, no matter what I do, keeps going up. My clothes are wastly different from what I used to wear a decade ago. However, one thing did not change. I like to "put together" my outfits. 
This is how I do it. From boots to socks, to gloves, to scarves/neckthingies. 
Somebody told me, I should show more of my clothes, and how I put them together. 
What do you think? 
I mean, no way this will be a dressing or shopping blog, it will still be mainly a craft-blog, but should I show some outfits from time to time? 
Photos: Norbert Varga

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