Thursday, December 1, 2016


I promised in an earlier post that I will show my weaving, slowly oe by one... so here comes the net installment :-)
In the spring, when I had my second time in Judith's workshop I thought I will have time to spin my own yarn to weave with, but I way underestimated how much time I would need to catch up with the stuff I needed to put aside because of finishing teh university and the final exams (the truth to be told, I am still haven't managed it).
However, I didn't want to cancell my date at the workshop, so when I saw that finishing  spinning my own yarn in time sis rather hopeless I resigned myself to using factory made yarn, but my own handdyed one at least.  
I went after a bit of eastern, bohemien color shceme, thus I dyed somme purple, pink and turqoise wild silk yars to weave in stripes as a weft in a olivegreen warp. 
The weaving was done in the workshop of Judit Luk√°cs, and the photoes were also shot by Judit herself. I am always greatful for her help and the time I can spend there. 
P.S.: if someone notices the similarity between the color I am wearing and the colors I am weaving with... I would say it is coincidental, but probably it is not.

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