Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Birthday gift...and the leftover

I know Timea since our highshcool years... We kept contact throuout the years, and as fate turned we had been pregnant together, which brought us closer than ever before. Even though we seldom actually meet personally, we talk a lot, and share a lot. So much, that when Christopher was Christened in his (catholic) shcool, and  it turned out that at the day they organized the event, my cousine, who was supposed to be his godmother had other engagement (I know. Family. Don't ask), my boy asked what if we asked my friend instead. We did and she happily accepted...
She is one of the few, who really appreciate my handmade presents, but for a few years my Xmas and birthday presents were less than I would have loved to give her. Those were the difficult years, with both time and money so scarce, but that never deterred her to always surpise us.
So this year I decided to make her something extra special.  I asked her about colors... she said, you know some fiery fall clors... orangey-reddish purplish... Great. I dyed some 130 gramms of polwarth fiber, with a long color-transition and set out to spin.
It took me some time, but it was the finest I ever managed to spin. 
1600 meters of two ply...

And then went to Judith's worksop, and wove... The yarn was just a bit too much, we had to take out some bits, ever so carefully as not to break the gradual color change-

At the end of the day I had just enough time to weave those leftover bits into a shorter, randomly striped shawl, which also happened to end up as a birthday present to someone.
Weaving is always  kind of mysytic for me, but I find it especially magical, when I weave with handdyed, handspun yarn.The tiny small changes in shades, and thickness, as the color almost unnoticably turns into another one... I can never get bored of it. I can never get enough of it either...come to think of it.
(Pictures of the fiber and the yarn are mine, and the workshop pictures were shot by Judit Luk√°cs)

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