Monday, December 5, 2016


The feeling, when you go to the first official teacher/parent meeting in you son's new shcool, and introduce yourself to the said teacher, and he looks up a huge smile lits up his face and proceeds to tell you how great/intelligent/smart your kid is.... for everything else, there is mastercard.

Ps.: If I would be a real lady and sportsmanlike and all that, I would leave it that. But I am not, so I have to add: it is especially so, because of what he (and with him I) suffered through elementary shcool... So FUCKYOUKOLPING and your idiotic teachers. Of course even there were a couple of exceptions, and for those we both greatful,

Adding to this the evening spent in the irish folk dancing club, and a homebaked cookie that was gone until the last crumb, in fact people were sharing the last pieces (no picture, so you have to believe me)...

And the fact that my box managed to fix the laptop of my friend, who in exchange helped him to pic up his room.... I think I summarize this day as a really good one.

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