Monday, December 26, 2016


I got a box of lavander cookie from Zsuzsi...
It dissapeared in a few days so, I had to bake some replacement.

Did you ever realized that there are recepies that only one person can make truly well?
Even if they give you the recepie, even if they show it to you, no matter how you try, it won't be the same?

I have a friend, Gizi, with whom I always made gingerbread cookies to put on the Xmas tree. She gave me the recepie, she showed it to me, still whenever I mix up the dough, it does not come out as well.
She says the same thing about my biscotti. I gave her the recepie, we did the dough together several times, and still, she says she can't do it.
I can't replicate my the stuffing of my mother's stuffed meat, or her liver patee either,,,

The lavander cookies are the best when my friend makes them. I love the cookies all to well to wait for her all the time, so I do make them, sometimes, then she asks why do I keep whining abou them. That is why.

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