Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dressing up

 Back in February, I promised you some every day dressing up posts, which I had... and have full intention of fulfilling... However, I still not have the space to do selfies, or mirror shots (though I do have a large mirror in my sewing room now), besides, in the last few months we dressed up much less than usual, dressed up "properly" even less so... 

On the other hand, I still have a few pictures, from hmmm, I guess from last fall, when, in a rare moment of inspiration I piled up a few things that worked surprisingly well...

Here you go, in its full glory, petrol greens and petrol blues..

So, let's see from layer to layer. Aside from petrol blue bras (Bonprix) and panties (C und A), there is a petrolblue pantyhose (the 50-60 den type, most shops have like about 20 colors of the type. Mine came from a small shop. There is a long sleeved petrol blue T shirt I got it from "a" Primark, but I do not remember which of our trips is it from. 
Then there is this turqois linen dress. Its a "classc" lagenlook shape, I have this dress in a few colors, Of course a white one, a rose printed white one, orange (from my red haired days), and probably more. It suits my shape, it hides what I need to be hidden, it emphasizes that can be emphasized (or at least I like to think so). In summer I wear it withouth much under or over, with white linen pants (and a turqoise striped one, if I ever get around to sew it). I bought the dress from a shop called "Lenruha" which does not exist anymore... I loved that shop, there used to be hundreds and hundreds of pieces, a huge dressing room, and the owner liked me enough so I could spend hours there trying on stuff, even if I could only afford one... or none. 
And then there is this wrap around dress from LaczaLuca. Last fall we dropped in a fair to see my friend Virág, who makes the most fabolous bags, and there was she, selling clothes. I heard about her, in fact I used to check out her stuff in the yearly craft fair in the castle, but I couldn't really afford one.. 
Now my circumstances changed.. and I always loved wrap around styles, and fell in love with this dress. I had no idea how and with what I am going to wear it, but I had to have it. Besides, as a crafter myself, I like to support small sellers. It was only after I bought it home, and incidentally put it on a hanger, right nect to the turqoise dress, the idea hit me.
The petrol colored ankle boots came from Vatera, the hungarian second hand / bidding site. 
The turqois shawl was knitted by a friend, Réka. A few years ago, knitting exchanges were almost regular events within out community, and in one of these Réka, who is not even living in Hungary anymore knitted this one for me. I remember, when I got it I thought its perfect, it even has beads. 
So, this is it... should I make posts like this? 
Photos: Norbert Varga

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