Wednesday, June 9, 2021

A day in Balatonlelle

I am sometimes asked, just where do I wear my historic clothes... like in events like this. 
The first time in many months, this was the first time we could dress up, properly. 

In the city of Balatonlelle, a new tradition was started, and our reeneact,ent group, the Mare Temporis was invited for the first event. 

In the building, where the city's library and communal hall is, once the Szalay family lived. 
We showed bits of pieces from their 19th century life from the view of fashion, hunting, travel and gastronomy. 
In the fashion section we were talking about the changes of fashion (in the picture below, you can see dresses from 1860, 1875 and 1905). 
For example, we showed in two 1860 dresses, what was the different between a daily wear (the red plaid dress), and a ballgown (my blue dress)

We talked about how and why a dress is a dress, what layers it id built up from, what is underneat, how they've done "their business" in them, was it really a torture to wear corsets, and such. 

Aside from our appereance the event had cooking competition, falcon- and dog shows.

Photos were shot by Norbert Varga

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