Sunday, June 6, 2021

What the poet was thinking about?


In the process of reorganizing my flat (yes, I am still at it. Yes, this is how I get off the bike), I am also going through my stash... that one thing that small bags of yarns, mostly sockyarns pop up from here and there, and that is another, that there are suprises I forgot about, but seeing them I can remember things, mostly where, and why I bougth that given yarn, or fabric... Or I just bought them, because I liked them, and they were there in a second hand shop, rather cheap, in need of rescue thats fine. 

But now I bumbed into a package I clearly bought with some intention. It is DROPS Lima... 

400 gramms of pearly gray, 150 grams of dark red (bordeaux) 50 grams of light pink and 50 grams of turqois. And I cannot, for the life of me, remember, what the heck I wanted to make out of it. 

Knowing myself and my thought process it was probably a DROPS pattern, with fair isle or nordic patterns but not necessarily written for Lima, and most probably not for these colors. I've tried to look through the DROPS patterns tagged with "Nordic". but none came up that needs yarn in this amounts... Go figure. 

I might have seen something either on Drops's page, or the DROPS Workshop gorup on FB, that insppired me, but it must have been years ago. (At least 3 or 4)...

Or, it might be some Kate Davies, but I am afraid the yarn is way to thick for her designs. 

So anybody any idea? Or suggestion, if I can't figure out, what I wanted to do with these? 

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