Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I was told by the old...

I was told by the old Kiss you should crochet, not just knit... This is a rough translation of the idiotic little rhyme that took up residence in my brain for weeks, making me totally go gaga.
Then I thought what if I actually crochet something, would it go away?
Then came the stash diving, and coming up for air with a few balls of yarn-art denim cotton/polyester yarn.
I bumped into the pattern in one of the current crochet magazines.
As usual I had gauge problems, but I solved it by crocheting a couple of rounds of those chain loops (or whatever they called in english... My Knitting english is pretty good by now, but I think I have some making up to do in the crochet department...And there came the idea of making a spiraly tie.
Thats it. Not a big deal. But pretty and kinda romantic.

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