Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easy as a pie

In one of my more recent forray at the second hand shops, among other things I found almost two balls of Regia, sock yarn thickness, but it was not as bouncy as sockyarns regularly are (even if they contain some cotton). It was one full ball with the band on it and the other had some of it missing, but had no idea just how much.
For years now, I wanted to have a white lace shawl, that is not as warm as the wool ones, so I thought this would work pretty well. The only problem was that just about 400 meters wouldn't make a big shawl, and I do love my shawls big. So, I out to search ravelry, and at the same time, shot a short note for Angela, my living search engine :-)
The criteria I gave her was: fingering yarn, about 400 meters, lace, triangular, it should have a LOT of holes to be able to block it out pretty big. It shouldn't have long repeats as I don't exactly know just how much yarn I have.
Interestingly enough both of us came up with the same thing. The easy as a pie shawl. And let me tell you, it was just that.
Looking pretty spectacular, but really easy and fast. There isn't anything more complicated than a k2TOG and k3TOG and yarnovers in it, and the lot of k2tog makes it fast as well. The only modification was, that because I love scallopy edges and had a bit of yarn after finishing a repeat I added a few rowa of "standard" lace enging (yo, k, yo, k1psso).And (of course...its ME here :-) ) added white beads.
Just as I hoped, I managed to block it really hard, and fairly sizeable (no, thats not big least for me).
It goes well with all my white summer clothes. With clothes that are not white but summery, with jeans jacket...Here, Gabi trying it on in the Waldof fair.
And Chris shot this one, and was adamant I put it in here...

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Anice kötős blogja said...

How lovely you look in all these shots, the shawl adds even more accent to the summery feeling.