Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's up?

In order to avoid complaining about work, school, and other events here is a new whatsup post

What's on TV? The Gilmore Girls. I liked the occasional episode I managed to catch when it originally aired here (maybe a bit later than back in the US), but it was in a pretty idiotic time... I mean who is watching TV in Sunday afternoon??? Anyway it is on cable now, ans I am loving it. Love the houses, the actors, the fast talk, the relationships...

What's reading? This is still connected with my Life Laundry thing... There is a book that is titled something like "Magical decluttering"... I like it, though it is just a bit too esoteric for me... But it did gave me some ideas how to say goodbye to things I liked/loved (I have no trouble throwing out things I hate, LOL).

What's cooking? This weekend I cooked my special mushroom soup. It is a combination of a few recipe, and -as with many things I cook- has lots of variables.
4 cups of cleaned, sliced mushrooms (the best of you mix the champion, the portobello and chicken and hen, but it is ok if you only have one type)
2 cups of chicken breast (optional) (in 1/2 inch cubes)
2 cups of peeled and diced potato (in 1/2 inch cubes) The last time I made it without potatoes because Chris wanted it so... it was fine
2 cups of sliced leek (or green onions--- or even normal red onions.
1 cup of rice (brown and wilde rice mixture is the best, but you can also use simple white rice-it is faster)
parsley and dill, finely diced.
Bouillon cubes (optional)

Saute onions, brown chicken in the pot. Put mushrooms, and potato and rice. Put in water and bouillon cubes (or salt, to taste). Cook until rice is done. Pour in herbs.
I eat it with a dollop of sour-cream.

Christopher and I baked waffles afterwards using this recipe. I never thought Chris will ever ask me to bake something (he doesn't have very strong sweet tooth thank god), but he did...

What's knitting? Finished the knucks for my boy (see below post). The bordeaux sweater is still on the needle and so is the Tangled Yoke Cardi, of which I frogged the cable part so many times I lost count....But that is only my supreme disability to count from one to ten, and figure out the difference between my right and left side. I think I passed the danger-zone now, but there is still about 6-8 rows of the pattern before I can get into the major decreasing...
The sock is still a single sock, because when I wanted to cast on for the second, I just couldn't find he DPNs... I have no idea where they disappeared from the bag I kept the whole thing in. The worst part I have no idea what size they were except small... but what does that mean? 2 mm? 2.25mm? 2.5mm?


Isis said...

I just love it when you say you are unable to count to 10... while I know you work in a bank !!! LOL !!!

peony said...

hehehe... unfortunately my job is NOT counting the money... and they do have computers and calculators there...

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how much I love these types of posts? :D