Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's up?

I decided I will do this from time to time... mostly when I can't think of anything else to blog about...

What's on TV?
The life laundry. Such a great program, especially for us pack-rats/hoarders/collectors. I am a sucker for lifestyle shows and makeover shows. This one hits really close these days... I wish P. could see an episode or two. But then, he would say that his stuff is necessary, and mine is what clogs up the space... we'll see. If I clean up my place once will I be able to keep it that way.

What's reading?
I've just finished a Marian Keyes book, "Anybody is out there". Nice one.

What's cooking?
This is for Angela. This will not be a regular feature, because I do not cook that much, but she says the weird Hungarian cooking might be interesting. So here is a fast sweet thing... when I have a hankering after some strudel, and/or warm vanilla taste, I make this recipe. For a while it was very popular, my grandma made it regularly. We have this bread that resembles dinner rolls, though slightly bigger. now I make four, (for the two of us). cut the top, and take the inside out.
For the filling we need half pound of fresh, unsalted farmer's cheese. half cup of sour cream. One egg, sugar and vanilla to taste. Raisins also to taste. Grated lemon rind, if you have it. Mix these and fill the rolls. Put the tops back. Put them into a baking pan, maybe a bit of butter underneath. for the tops, sometimes I put sugared sour cream, last time only a dollop of butter and vanilla sugar. Bake let it cool. Eat. With a strong soup it can be a whole lunch and/or dinner. In itself a snack, a light dinner/breakfast. Dessert.
Should look like these.

What's knitting?
I have a few things on the go at the moment. Some twenty rows missing on a spring colored clapotis. I was desperately trying to finish it last night, but at the point the needles just fell out of my hand. Half pair of socks, the Tangled yoke cardigan, and the dark purplish bordoeaux sweater. I finally managed to buy the 2006 fall issue of IK on e-bay. Yes, that is the one that has the tilted duster, the tangled yoke among other good stuff. I have Jenny's issue now (for the TYC pattern) but I kept seeing her paling whenever I mentioned she will have a hard time prying it out of my hands. Now she can rest easy. It will go back to her.


Ioana said...

Love this post, especially the 'What's knitting' part :).

Anonymous said...

LOVE the post!!! More, want more like it! :D Those rolls sound delish - you are totally making those when I visit. ;)