Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh. My. Love.

To quote the big Shakespeare, let me count the ways I love thee…
- I love your warmth.
- I love your softness.
- The way you wrap yourself around me.
- The way you caress me.
- Your lightness.
- Your crispness.
- That you are all natural.
- The way I had to wait for you.
- That I finally got you.
- Your size.
- Even your smell…
Last night I bathed and dressed specially, perfumed myself, and went to bed with my new love. My Duvet. Maybe I should give a name to it, because I am in love. Ever since I’ve known P. we always lived in cold places. (OK, Miami was an exception). Cold houses. I am a coldie by heart; I feel the cold much worst than the average. (P. on the other hand seems to immune to it, unless we talking about food. In that case what is just so-so warm for me he complains it is so hot it burns his mouth. Go figure.) . As you all know I hate winter, and I hate cold and I hate being cold. When I am cold I can’t think, I can’t feel, I can’t sleep… The flat I am living in is one of those eastern-German/Russian type of prefabricated building with bad insulation and a heating system that was never really god, and in the last twenty years it got even worst. Even if I turn up everything to a max, all I can achieve is about 19-20 degrees (in wintertime). As a result I always kept piling up quilts and blankets on my bed. They weren’t warm enough, but heavy. About two years ago I saw in IKEA that they have covers/duvets for different temperature, for different people. A thin one for warm weather, or those who are not cold, to a really warm toasty one for people like me. There was one I particularly liked, but it’s price passed by far what I could afford… Then in the fall of 2007 when I’ve been in Brussels my friend had one in her house… The house was rather cold, but the duvet… oh the duvet. It was so warm, so soft, so light. Yet I have not sweated under it. It wasn’t heavy on me. I knew then, that though I would liked one before, now I WANTED one. No I had to have one. A few times I almost got it. I started on a translation work, thinking that from the money I will get it…The work got cancelled when I got to page 9th. Then I planned to use my Xmas bonus, only to find out that though I am in a position that gets it, I spent a month less than required here. Then I saved up the money only to find some huge unpaid bills P. left here… then… My yearly evaluation went better than expected, thanks to two o f my bosses who, for some reason like me as a person and went to great length to get me an evaluation that goes with a bonus. It still not too much, only the 1/4th of the normal amount (I spent ¼ year here). When the evaluation discussion was over I was so relieved that not only I didn’t got the boot, but even got some raise and a bit of bonus. My friend told me to get some present for myself. First I was thinking of some special yarn, but however special that would be still yarn, something I already have a ton. The same went for clothing items. Even for shoes. Then… it hit me. I am getting the duvet. Sure enough Sunday I packed up Chris, we went to IKEA (hmm with a hindsight I do know now that Sundays and Ikea don’t go all that well together, but I will not let that bother me now), and BOUGHT the duvet.

It was packed up quite tightly, so it wouldn’t have to be a trouble to get it home on Public transportation (unless I buy the big plastic storage box for my yarns…, which I did.) Thankfully the duvet fitted in the box, still it wasn’t pleasant to get it home.) At home I opened it, shake it out, and fell in love even more than I already was. Changed the sheets, took out the gorgeous satin ribbon and embroidery decorated cover (which I had just for this occasion… abut for a year now.). I colored my hair, had a scented bath. Took out a pajama I never wore before (color-coordinated with the duvet-cover) perfumed myself, and went to sleep with my new love. The experience was everything I expected. And some more. It is warm, yet light. It is big. All natural.

The cover is crispy cotton; the filling is duck down and feather, but somehow the whole thing is soft. I even turned the heating down. If I keep this on, I will save the money I spent on the heating bill.

I can’t wait until the evening and get back to bed. I wish I could stay there until summer.

I've decided that my duvet is male. Now he only needs a name. Kim (knowing well my undying love for Timothy Dalton) suggested Timothy... I think that would be great. Any other idea?


jennybms said...

If it were me, I would call him Mr Darcy. :)

peony said...

Hehehe, that is a good one too :-)))
Ok, let's make this a contest. Whoever wins will get a knitted item from me.

herr_dr_nuss said...

see how happy you are? told ya to go ahead and get it! :-)

How about Mr. Happy...

Anonymous said...

:D How wonderful! I love to hear you so happy with it, that's fantastic!

As for a name... clearly I'm more of a Col. Brandon fan than a Mr. Darcy fan. ;)

But I would more likely go with Jamie because he would completely LOVE your new duvet since he's so cold all the time in Truly, Madly, Deeply.