Wednesday, March 4, 2009

These days...

I am having totally "unP." days... all things he hated and complained against...
Staying in bed late.
Having breakfast in McDonalds.
Going shopping on a Sunday.
Going to Ikea.
Shopping in Ikea.
Let Chris go to the playhouse there.
Buying an expensive duvet.
Throwing out unnecessary things.
Having fragrant flower in the living room.
Having guest over.
Actually getting to talk to my guest.
Knitting for hours.
Watching TV in the wee hours.

Probably I could go on and on...
Yesterday a huge step happened in clearing up the ruins. With the help of a friend we packed up a station wagon full of P.'s junk and took it over to his place. It was such a huge step.
He was overly courteous, thanked my friend about six time for her help, but I could feel he hated the whole thing (i.e I dumped a carload of junk on him). But hard it might be, it is HIS junk and HE has to deal with it. He can't just expect me to keep his stuff here...
The truth is you can hardly see in the small room that anything missing, still I feel it was a huge step. Eszter, thank you ever so much for the help (BTW I offered money for her, at least for the fuel, but she wouldn't take it. Double thanks).


Isis said...

Wonderful ! I can very well imagine your relief ! You will see that the rest will be easier now... the first steps are always the hardest and this is particularly true in processes to do with cleaning and decluttering !

herr_dr_nuss said...

you go girl! :-)