Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some scarfs

These were also knitted earlier. The striped scarf was Chris's present to go along with his elephant tam. One ball of dark blue yarn, and an other ball of blue shaded self striping yarn (Yarn Art). One by one rib, yarn is changed every two row. Knitted with my favourite short, straight 3,5 mm bamboo needles.

Sometimes in october I saw my friend Jenny knitting a scarf from Noro Silk Garden. I instantly fell in love with the pattern. So much, even I ordered Noro right away I couldn't wait until it arrives. I had to try it with the self striping yarn that is available here.

Shades of Grey, the pattern is called Short Row Rib, you can find it here. I used the same needles as above. 9 inch long, 3.5 mm bamboo.

The picture was shot by Chris.Much better than what I managed:


Anonymous said...

The scarves turned out fantastic - and I love Chris' shot of you in your scarf! :)

Isis said...

The gray is my favourite, I might make this pattern myself one day, looks fab !