Wednesday, January 14, 2009


To knitting lace. When I started my adamas shawl I thought, OK, every knitter has to knit one lace shawl. By the time I finished it I knew it is only the beginning... that more lace would follow...
OK, they are not the thing you can churn out in a couple of days, also there are limited need in a person's wardrobe for them. But with the dark red stuff that appeared in my wardrobe this fall, I just had to had a Red Lace Shawl.
This is how it begann:

This is how it looked before blocking:

(The hand is my son's).This is how it looked when I started to pull it out for blocking:

Pinned out on my bed:

A close up on the pattern:

Instead of hanging it over a back of a chair my boy offered to hold it up for me:

And finally me, holding it:

Pattern is Lehmus Huivi, knitted on this yarn, with 3 mm straight needles.


Anonymous said...

It turned out so pretty! You knit it up on straight needles?? Wow!

peony said...

Yes, since the yarn is so thin, even the 400-some stitches fitten on a reguler straight needle...

Isis said...

Mmmm great ass (just kidding you, LOL !). I love the colour and I love the apttern. Looks light and warm !