Friday, January 30, 2009

keep waiting

For spring that is... The forecast says colder air and snow is coming to our way... Went to the market and bought a pot of daffodils and some primulas.
And keep knitting stuff to finish off my spring outfits.

Yarn is NORO silk garden light. Which is everything they say and more :-) Colors are absolutely gorgeous, the yarn feels sooooo lovely. BUT. Big buts. There was at least two knots in each ball, and one ball (out of three) had knots so that it totally messed up the color sequence. I had to cut and tie different parts of it together to get some sequence. Thank god now it looks more or less symmetrical (I started the first ball from the inside, and the last ball from the outside so the two ends are mirroring each other) and managed to put a bit of the orange in the middle, so the way I am wearing it (much like in this picture) the dark part doesn't show that much (but goes very well with my brown coat).

Now what else do I need??? Gloves!!! I already figured out the knucks pattern which I love. And I had an almost full skein of sock yarn I bought in the second hand store. I was absolutely in love with the colors. I think it must be some Regia, but there was no ball band.


Brussels Chronicles said...

I love that scarf, it really brings some colour to the winter ! Same weather here, I am glad I stocked up on real woollen socks and cardigans in the sales... (I don't knit fast enough to make any for THIS winter... LOL !)

herr_dr_nuss said...

WOW LOVE the scarf!!! love the fingerless gloves too! they would be good for working in the garage this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE the scarf! I've heard so many stories of the same happening with others using the Silk Garden. Such a shame because the colors are simply amazing!